WorthPlaying: World Championship Games Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "It's sometimes hard to remember that the DS has a touch-screen, at least if you play some of the modern "big titles" on the system. Castlevania, Pokémon and Square Enix's various ports and remakes use only the most basic touch-screen implementation, and most of the games that take full advantage of the touch-screen are (perhaps rightly) written off as "mini-game collections." If you look at it that way, World Championship Games: A Track & Field Event is going to come off as yet another mini-game collection for the DS, and in some ways, that isn't entirely inaccurate. It is a collection of mini-games, this time built around 14 of the most intense track and field competitions known to mankind. From what we've gotten to play of World Championship Games, it offers some fairly interesting and challenging gameplay, rather than the simple time-wasters that many DS mini-game collections seem to feature."

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