Microsoft: We've said our piece on Rare restructuring

Microsoft PR has refused to confirm or deny whether or not staff are to be shed at Rare this morning, following confirmation that the studio is to be restructured.

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divideby03591d ago

RaRe was my all time fav. developer.
Even with their normal delays back in the N64 era, their games were worth the wait. ED JFG.......
RaRe has been the biggest disappointment since hooking up with MS.
dont know who is to blame, but I keep having hope that we will see at least one great game from them, but I have my doubts

Foxgod3591d ago

Killer instinct, Battletoads and Conker.
Hopefully we will see all 3 of them at E3 :D

II Necroplasm II3591d ago

if you could only see one coming out which game would it be?

Foxgod3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Call me strange, but i want Battletoads most of all.

DelbertGrady3591d ago

Conker. Opera singing turd boss II ftw!

II Necroplasm II3591d ago

Opera singing turd boss in HD... Now now we are talking!

KI3 for me. I hope all 3 though makes it though damnit

IzKyD13313591d ago

Conker: L & V was a huge disappointment IMO

Freak of Nature3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Conker,JFG, and an all new IP would be my top choices for whats next from them...We get enough fighters and shooters elsewhere,lets have a few more act/adv platformers from rare...But,I think when you hear the word "profit",you get a sense shooters and fighters are going to be pushed upon rare...For many thats what they want,another Killer instinct and PD game...

“restructure our current approach so we can speed development and better manage the scale required to create high quality games.”...I think this is whats needed.Possibly fine tune their focus,concentrate on 2 project's,not 5 or 6 of them...

Conker team has been working on something for a very long time now,last I heard at least,can something be shown by GDC,I hope so...But am not holding my breath...

Here is to hoping all turns out well,and we hear some news on a couple games coming soon...Conker please...

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Darkseider3591d ago

That MS doesn't destroy Rare with the restructuring. The last time they restructured their first party studios Ensemble went the wayside.

OOG3591d ago

yeah but they were also taking some of them to make a new studio supposedly... so we could see the same thing here....

Maybe Rare needs a little change...not like they have been performing as well as the should be.

AAACE53591d ago

Ensamble was just a name! If that entire team was now a part of MGS and are still working on the games they were, then what difference does it make?

gdguide3591d ago

No actually guys, many of them left the MGS loop after the Ensemble closure, including the main guy at Ensemble. He blogged about it, and many people left and were shocked. 2 new independent studios have been formed by former Ensemble devs. There might be a few that MGS have added to other teams, but it sounds like a majority have left. It's not like they want to stick around and hope MS doesn't cut them off again like this. None of them are happy with MS right now. Lets hope Rare doesn't get too axed now either. Hopefully they just lay off say 10% or something.

ReBurn3591d ago

So what happens when they say their peace? Just wondering.

kingme713591d ago

Hehe, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if they were chewing a peace of gum when they said their piece.

Leio3591d ago

I think 50 millions should have been giving to Rare instead of a stupid GTA-DLC

AAACE53591d ago

Uhh... I think they spent well over 300 million for Rare, so I don't think they would have been cheap on Rare with an investment like that.

I think they are seeing that Rare is unorganized, and are trying to streamline the company to get the most out of it...(To make better games)

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