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New Armored Core 4 Cinematic

New cinematic preview of Armored Core 4 (Armored Core 4, PS3, Xbox 360)

lil bush  +   3070d ago
it looks ok but it would probably be better online
BUM  +   3070d ago
i agree 101% with you
n4g sucks  +   3070d ago
Out of all the new releases this month i look forward to this title the most. the idea of death match online in a giant mech make my heart flutter. ive already preordered AC4 for ps3. i know there is no mic support for the ps3 version but every other Armored Core has came out on a playstation. Besides, if i buy it for xbox 360, my ps3 might collect dust for a month and i cant allow that. Also if im playing online on ps3, its free and i know i wont be surrounded by 13 year olds blurting obscure profanitys(PSN has class)
zonetrooper5  +   3070d ago
^^ Your're gonna get morons and idiots everywhere you go, be it Xbox Live, PSN or online on the PC.
Alymon  +   3070d ago

Why would you go and make a stupid comment like that? There are idiots shouting profanity on every online network in some form or another. It's not an xbox live exclusive "feature".

Before you start making generalizations and unsubstantiated claims, get your facts straight.

/end rant

This game could be good.... Never really played the old AC games. Loved Chromehounds (and hated it at the same time). So another mech title is a welcome addition. Screens and trailers look good though.
n4g sucks  +   3070d ago
Every one has a opinion
Sorry alymon, i didn't mean to make any body cry but from MY EXPERIENCE on xbl and psn, i don't get called Dirty names every time i shot some one in their head in resistance( it could be the lack of headsets or ps3ers)plus to ME it seems like at night most people on psn are drunk and you can barely understand them anyway. So my facts are straight because i've heard it for myself. It seems like to me ps3 players are older and more mature and thats probably because when kids asked their parents for a ps3..they got laughed at and received a 360 instead. besides we both have something in common, i hate chrome hounds too
Adriokor  +   3070d ago
I agree
I would say that the PS3 demographic is a bit older as parent's will not spend that much money on a "toy".
joemutt  +   3070d ago
Im not doubting you but,
How does someone from another team talk to you?

I usually only play with friends that I know, we start a team, and never hear anyone from the other side. If you are having problems with random kids, get new friends. It makes it a whole lot better.
power of Green  +   3070d ago
# 3 lol
Although i dissagreed with you, you have a point not that many parents are going to buy their kids $500 and $600 console's so yes theres probably less kids on PSN at the same time it has nothing to do with class.

I would think PS fans are rabid from being on this site and the launch and remembering how savage the dragon card trading Anime loving PS fans torn into Xbox1 fans and to this day have attaude.
Covenant  +   3070d ago
Don't care if it's cinematic...I love mech games, and this ones pretty close to a mechgasm....mechgasm? Jeez, I need sleep. Or caffeine. Or both.

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