Why piracy will never die - people think it's fine

The music, movie, and game industries continue to fight piracy. And who can blame them? But there's an undeniable truth they need to come to terms with - piracy will never die. There's one simple reason for this: people just don't see anything wrong with it.

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Roleplayer3561d ago

maybe it would help if games were not quite so expensive.

CBaoth3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

And I use music as a counterpoint. $.99 a song too much for someone that just spent a thousand dollars for a PC? I know piracy will never go away, but I always find it humorous this sense of entitlement pirates get after buying the physical hardware and then make excuses for "stealing" software. And no I'm not accusing you of piracy Role (don't want you taking offense because this post isn't directed at you).

Madbrain3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

The "free" will always be tempting...

Majors3561d ago

Price has something to do with it i think as who would pay £15 for a dvd when someone down the pub is selling the same movie for £2 ? I must be honest that I do like my Real dvds, but some films that come out are utter crap. Piracy actually helps dvd sales IMO eg you buy or d/l a film and it turns out to be excellent, I will then buy it on BluRay when it comes out adding to the industry. I know loads of people who also do this but this way we are sifting through the crap and buying the best. Afterall were not all millionaires.

A word of thought ---- Downloaded films, music & games all consist of data, Data is made up of ones and zeros, is it possible to copyright those 2 numbers ? What if printed them out on paper (quite a few sheets) could I be charged for copyright infringments ?
If they copyright the films as a "whole" what if someone changed round a few digits within the code, it would then be "different" as a whole and copyright free right ? ...