Flower Review (PlayStation LifeStyle)

'Nearly two years ago ThatGameCompany unleashed flOw upon the young PlayStation Network. Later that same year at the Tokyo Game Show they teased a new game similar in concept but taken an additional dimension, Flower. Flower takes the full capabilities of the SIXAXIS and puts them to excellent use.'

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itchy183561d ago

before i buy this game. how do you play this game? even hardcore gamers like this game and reviewers give a perfect score.

Sev3561d ago

You play using only the SIXAXIS tilt. However it turns on a dime like a sports car. Controls are intuitive and fit the game perfectly.

Unless you are one of those people that ONLY play shooters, we highly recommend this game.

GrandTheftZamboni3561d ago

"Calling Flower a game is almost an insult, it’s much more an experience and a truly amazing one at that."

Sheddi3561d ago

My mom usually don't like games, but this game caught her her attention.
She said it was so beautiful, she wanted to be there :P.

Marceles3561d ago

Great review Phoenix, very well done unlike some of even the most high-profile gaming sites

SaiyanFury3560d ago

I've been gaming on Sony consoles for over a decade now and I was impressed with Flower. Something that's just fun and easy to get into. The SIXAXIS controls are responsive and reactive. Press a button to get a gust of wind to blow to the next target. Simple and accessible: Flower is a great piece of software. As was flow a few years ago. The PSN has some truly great titles and I'm happy that Sony is supporting these companies. As a gamer who can appreciate simplicity, I love Flower. A great piece of software that not only appeals to the visual sense, but something that can appeal to everybody.

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Shaka2K63561d ago

Sucks you stupid Xbug turds use last gen. controlers that lack motion sencing options you will never experience real AAA games like Fl0w and Flower you stupid losers Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!

Bathyj3561d ago

This game is gorgeous and surreal. I was seriously moved at the sunset level, like starring at a beautiful painting although thats never happened to me. I appreciated it on a technical level, but even more on an artistic level.

After the Sunset the next level started with the same scenery and time of day, but the sun quickly went down and it became night with luminous petals everywhere.

If you have no soul, artistic appreciation or sense of wonderment there probably not much here for you. If you just want to be angry and kill stuff, go elsewhere.

If you're willing to let go and lose yourself, and forget your playing what people will call a game only because its software then theres nothing like this. If you're the kind of person who can watch a fish tank for an hour, or even Planet Earth on BR then you might enjoy this alot.

The motion controls are so responsive. Would anyone like to hear about my idea for the ultimate first person light gun game?

UltimateIdiot9113561d ago

Agreed, the environment in the game is quite captivating. It makes me feel like going to an open field and just enjoy some time there. Strangely for me, it makes me feel like I'm flying for the most part. Which is good because I always wanted to fly.

Yeah, the controls are really good, I made a complete loop by turning the control 1 complete clockwise towards me. It's basically 1:1 control.

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