Sega Presses the "Spam Game Maker Button"

First off, don't get me wrong; I love Sonic and truly wish this franchise would continue, but seriously, a full retail priced Sonic game just came out about 4 months ago. Once again, Sega is trying to bring an unnecessarily dark story to the table on the Wii called Sonic and the Black Knight. When will there be a point that Sega will look at the profits and realize they could make more money focusing on at most 1 game for each console a year? More explained below.

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Louievillesluggns3558d ago

I love what sega is doing on the wii but in all sega is doing to much the need to slow it down just a little bit you cant come out with all these games too close together ...............

Xander-RKoS3558d ago

Hm...I don't think I quite understand. He says that Sega has put out similar titles all within a short time frame, right? My only question is like...what?

So far, none of the Sonic games that have come out recently have been merely updates from each other like the Madden series. Even Secret Rings and Black Knight play completely different, and they are from the same sub-series.