Xbox Evolved: Afro Samurai Review

From Xbox Evolved:

Afros, swords, and Samuel L. Jackson could only mean one thing; yep, we're talking about Afro Samurai. This is the first game published by the new US base under Namco Bandai, Surge. The game is a retelling of the original manga/anime storyline arc (comprising the first season of the anime). While the background involving the two headbands and the conspiracy of the Empty Seven remains the same, several key plot points diverge significantly, and are presumably non-canon. This is where fans of the series may or may not indulge in.

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OGharryjoysticks3561d ago

I like the game a lot and was getting a little disappointed that scores of 8 haven't been handed out yet. I think reviewers overall have been too harsh with the title. I will say that I'm also a tad bit disappointed that the high score had to come from an Xbox site because as a PS3 owner I'm really tired of the "Xbox brand" arguement that games score higher on the 360. Like duh, when your own review sites pump up the scores it's not rocket science why that is. But anyway the main thing is I hope people give the game a chance because as far as hack and slash games go this is by far my favorite :)