Editorial: Fanboys Turning Into Fundamentalist, Who's To Blame?

Blend Games writes:

"When critics start getting fed up with the way the community is treating reviews for a particular game, it's almost time to call it quits and find something else to do. The author of a rather evocative piece about the KillZone 2 review controversy comes to the aid of reviewers who may be feeling the burn of the fundamentalist fanboy community."

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Gue13560d ago

How many times cinemablend will keep writing about this matter? I don't think they will get more hits beating a dead horse.

PrimordialSoupBase3559d ago

If the insanity continues, then there's still a horse to beat, no?

Kriller3559d ago

Someone is allergic to the truth, perhaps.

zer0man13560d ago

Wait. Did he just compare fanboys to people of faith? Was this article meant to be a back handed jab at religion as well as PS3 owners?

cheese3559d ago

Mainly PS3 owners, it seems.

Kriller3559d ago

Or just anyone who can't handle the idea of a real review. Killzone 2 is exemplary of many insane responses to games.

XxZxX3559d ago

because they are afraid. When lot of fanboys get together esspecially in PS3 community, it sent out powerful voice. Media dont like that, cause now they can't get away with crap, bias and cheating anymore. BIG THanks to INTERNET!!!

Now in the attempt, i can see them start name calling, and downplay fanboys.

WildArmed3559d ago

haha true +bubble XxZxX

Beast_Master3559d ago

This guy needs to get a life. The only people that even know about fanboys are people who read Game forums. Are fanboys that big of a deal in the gaming industry?

JeanPool3559d ago

XxZxX, what do you call it when people gather together for a cause that's based on blind faith and striving for a single truth?

You are this article, and you are sad.

tinydancer3559d ago

They are the audience for games. Why do you think Diablo III is still isometric? No one wants to deal with the uproar if they went a bold route.

XxZxX3559d ago

JeanPool, and what do you called an unaccountable media that spread propaganda, communist?

Nice try on the name calling, we all know it does not goes as far as that. If you choose to believe this article, then you are definitely sadder than we do.

JeanPool3559d ago

It's propaganda to you because it doesn't align with your single minded bigotry.

Keep on drowning those witches, brother, but just know that they don't exist.

gamerdude113559d ago

If it wasn't for a couple of hack journalists writing on fringe gaming sites, I wouldn't even know what Edge gave the game. Attention Cinabland and any other worthless gaming blog, move on and stop whoring Killzone to drive hits to your site. You truly are pathetic.

XxZxX3559d ago

keep up the name calling jeanpool, you sound like the author and hypocrisy run big in your blood.

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hombrehambre3559d ago

Agreed. happened with MGS4, Halo 3, GTA IV, etc. And will continue again and again.

tinydancer3559d ago

We'll see the opposite effect with RE5. And the incredible amount of hate is justified.

JeanPool3559d ago

A small minority still like that game, don't forget. No matter what state it's in.

PirateThom3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Welcome to the internet, where reviews can now be called into questioned and reviewers can be held accountable.

MountainMaverick3559d ago

Yeah, fine, but for a review that gets 8/10? What the hell is there to call into question?

PirateThom3559d ago

I didn't read the review, I don't know.

MountainMaverick3559d ago

It says people call into question things where there is nothing to call into question. Killzone 2 hasn't had a negative review, and yet people will denounce anything that discusses the game's cons.

cyguration3559d ago

They scored the game 7 and 8 out of 10? How the heck is that bad?

If the game was given a 3 out of 10 then I'd say yeah, it was a plea for attention. But 7 out of 10? Why are reviewers being bashed over that? Didn't some reviewers give Assassin Creed a 7 out of 10?

spectyre3559d ago

I don't think they are denouncing discussion of KZ2's cons. The complaints I've been reading is how reviewers figure the cons more heavily into PS3 exclusives than on other systems.

Personally, I could give a rat's asss about a single review. Collective reviews help occasionally. Haze for example. I was somewhat interested in this game until I saw a bunch of poor reviews for it. I was on the fence to begin with and said reviews just made my decision not to buy easier. Conversely, Heavenly Sword received several mediocre reviews which held me back from buying it for a while. I did eventually buy it and I found it to be quite a gem. It should have not reviewed under a 9.0 IMHO.

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