Windows Mobile 6.5 UI a big improvement; more work needed

At the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft My Phone, and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Ars runs down all of the day's announcements and explains why Windows Mobile 6.5 may not be enough for Microsoft.

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Elven63589d ago

I just want a updated IE, the current build available is outdated in comparison to the alternatives.

MNicholas3589d ago

It's astonishing how a company as large and profitable as Microsoft has never produced a single OS that's genuinely intuitive, user friendly, and attractive.

With lots of perfectly good Windows Mobile launchers available on for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Microsoft should have simply "assimilated" one of those companies and called it a day.

Bnet3433589d ago

I'm just chillin' with my G1 right now ... but I would love to get a Windows Mobile phone just for the emulators.

MNicholas3589d ago

Decent OS, genuinely ugly phone.

Elven63589d ago

I agree, WM phones have never been about the form factor although HTC is definitely changing that....almost everymonth!

Bnet3433589d ago

The G1 isn't an ugly phone up close. Maybe I'm just saying that since the G1 is my first smartphone but I seen others still. I do not think G1 is an ugly phone and it's what's in the inside that counts. I'm not a phone whore who whips out his cellphone in the public to show off.

manwich253588d ago

I am curious if WinMo 6.5 will be available for download for current 6.1 users?