Common Sense - February 2009


In this February edition of Common Sense, we briefly consider games such as Mad World, Street Fighter 4, and Killzone 2, as well as Grand Theft Auto 4's downloadable content, and the Racism discussion involving Resident Evil 5. Strap yourself in!

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Hallucinate3561d ago

you know what i hate about liberals? everything..god omg white guys killing black guy i call RASCIST..when in know real life there really are only black people in where ever the hell RE5 is located..its the truth ..and the turth isnt racist..people need to stop supporting liberals for that very reason

TruthbeTold3560d ago

If you'd read this, you'd know that the talking point here is that the game takes place in Africa and brings this situation about in the first place. No one has ever said that only white zombies should be shot in a game that takes place in Africa. That's retarded, and it's really rather sickening hearing that excuse. You fall in the latter category of opinion on the subject in this article.

Hallucinate3560d ago

well lets say i punch a black guy thats considered a hate crime.. now if i go hit a white guy its just assault..see where this is going?

TruthbeTold3560d ago

If you punch a black guy and call him the N word, then yeah it's a hate crime. If you do something to his car and have something messed up to say about his ancestry, then it's a hate crime. Just punching him? No way. A hate crime is defined as a crime perpetrated against someone because of their ancestry/beliefs/etc. and those laws are set in place so that the racial beatings and lynchings of the past never occur again. If one wants to hit someone, or harm them in some way because of their race, then they need to either move somewhere else, or be weeded from society. Plain and simple.