U.S. Government Allows Midway to pay Debts

That Gaming Site writes: "Midway today announced the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has given them the green light to spend cash; this announcement comes just days after filing for Chapter 11."

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GiantEnemyCrab3586d ago

/looks at article picture


Oh Midway, bring me my HD Psi-Ops sequel!!!

Kevin McCallister3586d ago

Amazing game. It's sad that it went under the radar.

Bnet3433586d ago

Psi-Ops was a great game.

Lombax3586d ago


Psi-Ops is one of the few games I still have from the PS2 era. You gotta keep the good ones. 0.<

Psi-Ops on the PS3? Day 1, DAY EFFIN 1!

Elven63586d ago

I only played the demo for Psi Ops on the original Xbox, it was great! Unfortunately I missed out, I hope they release it on Xbox Originals or extend the free to play PC offer to Canada.

I have a hunch that the 2010 game that was looking "better then Gears" was indeed Psi Ops 2, it just has to be!

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Elven63586d ago

All that money they made from 2 million copies of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and 1 million copies of TNA iMPACT!, not to mention Touchmaster 2 (Which is bound to have sold at least half a million since it was popular in Europe.

jack who3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

which went into paying for UE3

Elven63586d ago

The UE3 licensing fees are less then 2 million according to reports filled by Midway....

Were you seriously suggesting UE3 would cost Midway over $100 million to license?

LeonSKennedy4Life3586d ago

I can't believe this. Their games aren't that good anymore. They sell though...

Then again, Epic has never let us down. UTIII is amazing!!!

Elven63586d ago

That good? Stranglehold, Blitz, MK vs. DC, etc were all great games, Midway still makes good games, its just people are to arrogant to accept that.

Sure they make horrible games as well, but so do all publishers/developers the size of Midway.

Bnet3433586d ago

Did you just say Stranglehold, Blitz, and MK vs DC were great games? *dies a little inside* I'm not saying either of those games are horrible but I would deem them ok. Sure as hell not great though. lol good grief Elven. You also liked Alone in the Dark as well .... you are a strange gamer.

Elven63586d ago

They were good, even on Metacritic those 3 games have a pretty nice rating. Especially MK vs. DC, considering the fact that both the ESRB and DC Comics put so many restrictions on the Mortal Kombat team, sure the game had its flaws as well, but its no where near as bad as you guys are making them out to be.

Style3586d ago

The kind US government.

farhsa20083585d ago

whoever seems to diss on MKvsDC needs a reality check, that game was excellent, the best MK game in years, the only fools dissing it are the ones who havent played it.