Awesome Purchase And Preorder Giveaway From... 7-11?

If you are a frequent customer of the chain, you may have noticed over the Christmas season that their stock of video games slightly increased, and in many cases even included Guitar Hero: World Tour bundles. Now, they have added preorder and purchase incentives to get your gaming buck.

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OGharryjoysticks3437d ago

Keep making the gamers happy you guilty parties :)

Imallvol73436d ago

We don't have them around here any more . . . I miss them . . .

Heldrasil3436d ago

Please take one of the 50 I have down the street...not one person will miss it.

manwich253436d ago

7-11 Could be unloading all of the left over Mtn Dew Gamer Fuel. That SH*T tasted worse than Crystal Pepsi.

blind-reaper3436d ago

7-eleven>>>>>Ga mestop because they have games, funyuns and slurpee in the same store!!

Mutley4163436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

yah and the best thing about 7 Fanboys & Slurpee`s!!!

So I`m @ gamestop the other day the douche bags behind the counter are telling how terrible Sony is @ making the scratch off Beta it was a sticker not a scratch

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