Destructoid: Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Review

Destructoid writes: "I will never argue that Onechanbara is a "good" game. It isn't. It is a mediocre title at best and one which revels in that fact. A sticky, filthy little pleasure that I have had quite a bit of enjoyment playing. I agree completely that it is a title that should either be rented or dug out of the deepest depths of a bargain bin. The vast majority of players will take away from it what Jim has. Those people are absolutely right to feel this way. The rest of us will simply have a good time killing zombies".

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Zeus Lee3592d ago

Hm,that's a umm,poor score.

WildArmed3592d ago

yet i had soo high hopes for this game!
/end sarcasm

GiantEnemyCrab3592d ago

Who didn't see this coming?

How did this title do in Japan? I would think it might have more appeal there.