News Roundup: Games Can Heal You, Watchmen Info, Next Mass Effect DLC

It's a DLC Monday: Burnout, GTA4, Mass Effect, and Virtual Console news.

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cain1413589d ago

I love the watchmen. One of the best books ever!

Viewtiful3589d ago

Overrated. It's so boring.

cain1413589d ago


You're insane...

It's amazing...

SirLarr3589d ago

That WiiWare game looks surprisingly awesome.

SlamVanderhuge3589d ago

Can't wait for that Mass Effect DLC, and the Burnout stuff looks great.

And I always wanted to play Death Tank, but $15?!? are they crazy?!?!?

cain1413589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Mass Effect DLC this late? Ehh could be fun...