Confirmed: Killzone 2 ad to be revealed this week

A PlayStation blog commenter asked when the Killzone 2 ad will go live. Click the link below for the answer.

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Nonsense 4 Gamers3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

It's about time! A few weeks ago we were told "You'll be seeing KillZone 2 ads everywhere very soon" but the game launches next week and I haven't seen a single ad or commercial.

I hope the commercials are better than Sony's recent ones. Knowing their advertising departament, the KZ2 commercial will be like this:

A lady is walking down the street and a bus goes buy in the background with a Helghast inside. It's kinda neat but they won't show any gameplay and at the end it will say "Only on PlayStation 3"

It'll be like the motorstorm commercial that had a kid walking down the street and on a building in the back you see a Dune Buggy. That commercial told you nothing about the game and didn't show you any gameplay. I didn't even see it on TV just on the PS Blog even though they said it was a TV commercial.

I'd talk about the unintentionally hilarious US Resistance 2 commercial but I'm trying to pretend it never existed.

As much as I hate MicroSoft, they do have damn good commercials.

Hopefully there's lots of GOOD KillZone 2 ads! *Fingers Crossed*

Sevir043561d ago

as it was a similar but hilarious resistance 2 commercial for japan

CaseyRyback_CPO3561d ago

Sony has done great things for gaming this gen, commercials aren't one of their pros.

Lets take bets right now, KZ2's ad campaign is going to be little to nothing. Maybe some commercials on Adult Swim, but nothing remarkable. Sony will probably have some little girl crying in a warehouse with blood dripping from the skylights, then a mystical raptor will consume her energy with the force of the 9 suns of Klendathu, topped off with no Playstation logo/price/anything at the end.

Not sure why they dont do it, but eh.. looking forward to killing most of you in KZ2 in a few days.

Timberland2K93561d ago

I think its gonna be the same ad as the euro ad.

BWS19823561d ago

I've seen almost no ads for PS3 gaming in the 2 years it's been around, unless I actually seek one (like a trailer of sorts)...but dang, I see MS spamming everywhere, 360 everything.

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-EvoAnubis-3561d ago

Jeff also said this a week or so ago. It was no shock to any regular PSB reader when the ads were going to be shown.

Trebius3561d ago

I believe maybe there IS a method to PS3's madness...perhaps releasing the ads a week before the game is so the game is fresh in people's minds and they're not thinking about it for months and eventually lose the hype.

This might work out positively if they run twice as many ads as one usually would, in all time slots.

Lets hope they do this the right way...I wish i could see the commercial.

Foxgod3561d ago

Society is doomed, people are now officially getting exited over a commercial =(.

On topic:
I hope KZ2 sells well, even thought i dont like the Ps3, Guerilla is a dutch developer, and i hope they become a huge player on the market, Capcom huge.

DaTruth3561d ago

You know, 360 fanboys always say that Sony tries to over hype their games long before launch and these guys won't even put a commercial on a week before launch.

Blitzed3561d ago

Hates the ps3 yet one of the first to visit and comment in this thread.

Do you 'dislike' the PS3 because you don't think its a good piece of hardware, or because it was mean to you?

DaTruth3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

The PS3 raped his children!

I mean, why would you not like the PS3? I could understand preferring another system, but hating a system, what's up with that? I don't want a 360 cause I have no time for one system, much less two. But to have a hate on for a piece of hardware, that's fanboyism at its best!

Gambit073561d ago

It fell on his foot at a Gamestop, the thing is heavy!

Foxgod3561d ago

No, i dislike the ps3 because i think its boring, but i want a dutch developer to succeed.

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