Mobile port of BioShock still looks sexy (update)

Brad nicholson writes:

"BioShock isn't a game most people would peg perfect for mobile release. The game's underwater dystopia has a pulse -- a steady throb powered by the fusion of unique atmosphere and narrative -- that seems impossible to capture on a lesser platform.

Mobile developer and publisher IG Fun have taken the challenge of downsizing 2K's masterpiece. There's no doubt that the studio will be searching for a larger bank vault when the game finally releases, regardless of quality, yet there's something funny about this mobile conversion -- it looks incredible.

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Jerk1203587d ago

It'll probably be better than Suckzone 2.

Boy does that game suck.

TheBand1t3587d ago

Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

You're trying too hard.

Jerk1203587d ago

Says the Ps3 fangirl.

Aw, what's the matter? I hurt your feelings??

TheBand1t3587d ago

I'm just pointing out an unsuccessful troll, really.

REAL trolls don't make it obvious.

Jerk1203587d ago

Well, maestro, can you give me a few pointers on how to succeed? Even though I'm already ignored by 30 users and keep getting alot of hate responses and PMs from Suckstation 3 users like yourself.

Truly shows how unsuccessful I am.

ThatCanadianGuy3587d ago

The fact that you even get Pm's about your trolling just goes to show how bad you fail at trolling.

To troll is like...being a stealthy ninja..You insult the console/game
But do it in a manner which is very discreet.

Start off by applauding the console/game talking about some of it's pro's.Then...slightly weave off course and slowly nit pick little things.

When that fails after a few people catch on...

Rinse & repeat on another thread.That is the secret of shadow trolling.

Now,farewell young

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TheBand1t3587d ago

I blame the users lack of appreciation for any form of trolling, not so much that you're good at it.

Though they are an overly sensitive bunch, to be sure.

Sangria3587d ago

Does that mean Bioshock is set to be a trilogy?

SAiOSiN3587d ago

it was previously announced that bioshock 3 will come out the same time as the first bioshock movie. so yea...trilogy is very likely.

ThatCanadianGuy3587d ago

I didn't know there was going to be a movie?
Hopefully they get a good director..

sephcor93587d ago

The director is the same guy who did Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

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