Will Killzone 2 engine end complaints about PS3 being hard to develop for?

Darkpower of GameGazette writes: "We've heard the complaint countless times, and it's starting to sound more like whining than anything else (see Gabe Newell or Hiroshi Takai): That the Playstation 3 is hard to develop for. We've now seen that the PS3 is just a different coding process, and it's becoming akin to learning how to ride a bike: Once you know how to ride it, you never forget how to do so, and you just want to ride all the time on it. We've seen Rockstar being able to realize it, and Bioware recently admitted that they were just intimidated by something different (hmm…would say a few things about what we could hear in the future about the Mass Effect franchise, doesn't it?).

But now it gets even more interesting, because of the February 27th drop date of Killzone 2. Here's a game that is sure to make ever PS3 fanboy smile and make them be able to give a HUGE middle finger to those that ever doubted the damn thing (now if they could just get that price cut). However, not only will the "hard to develop for" be squashed with the release of the game, but the release of its ENGINE to developers. It basically means this: Now these whiners have nothing left as an excuse as to why they shouldn't develop for Sony's system."

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ape0073559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

is the best looking game ever,im at the train level,the graphics is so amazing to a point where you'll refuse to believe your eyes,the gameplay is amazing,the graphics has elevated the gameplay to new hights with kz2,it raises the bar.truly astonishing


must buy


system seller

imagine bioshock 2 uses ps3 power and space,a rapture that flows with ps3's power

a cod game with it,cod4's immersion and size times 5,imagine price and party

a gta city that feels truly alive and huge,with amazing weather effects,using cell processor and blu-ray

and all looking graphically stunning

devs use the ps3's power and with blu-ray.the seas are wide open


meepmoopmeep3559d ago

this article doesn't really make sense.

regardless of how well the engine is
it's made by Sony and GG and whoever contributed to it.

that doesn't mean every dev is going to use this engine or whatnot.

i think development is getting easier for developers as the PS3 ages
and it's evident by the games they've released recently compared to the PS3 launch.
EA has gotten to grips with the PS3 already so have many others.

xwabbit3559d ago

Yeh kz 2 is amazing but people have to remember that the cell is hard 2 develop at first but since guerrilla had plenty of time to study it they got it right :). Now other developers can come to insomniac and guerrilla when they are developing for the PS3 :). So games now multi-platform games should look the same :P

3559d ago
JD_Shadow3559d ago

What I was basically trying to get at was that because there is now an engine made specifically with the PS3 specs in mind, that any legit complaints about it being hard to develop for would be moot, since it seems like the complaints are because the engines don't play nice with the PS3, and devs insist on using engines now. Thus, an engine that would make the PS3 easier to develop for would make devs think twice before using that line.

Whether or not they USE it, though, is another story. I'm just saying that now there is this thing that says "hey, if you believe that the PS3 is hard to develop for, then you should use me for your games on the system".

Hope that clears things up a bit.

xwabbit3559d ago

So.... developers have been wasting 5 years with each game on the PS3 ?

STONEY43559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )


"killzone2 is the best looking game ever,im at the train level,the graphics is so amazing to a point where you'll refuse to believe your eyes,the gameplay is amazing,the graphics has elevated the gameplay to new hights with kz2,it raises the bar.truly astonishing"

Crysis still holds the spot for being the best looking game ever. But Killzone 2 is the definitely the best looking console game ever. And since Guerilla has said that they could do much better graphics from their experience making Killzone 2, I wouldn't be suprised if Killzone 3 can surpass Crysis.

CaseyRyback_CPO3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Little Big Planet - 5 Years to develop ??
Killzone2 - 5 years to develop ??
Uncharted 1 & 2 - 5 years to develop ??
Ratchet and Clank - 5 years to develop ??
MLB08 & 09 - 5 years to develop ??
Motorstorm 1&2- 5 years to develop ??
MGS4 - 5 years to develop ??
GoW3 - 5 years to develop ??
Heavy Rain - 5 years to develop ??
GT5P - 5 years to develop ??
Valkyrie Chronicles - 5 years to develop ??
Folklore - 5 Years to develop ??
Warhawk - 5 Years to Develop ??
Socom - 5 years to develop ??
WipeoutHD- 5 years to develop ??
Resistance 1 & 2 - 5 years to develop ??

Oh wait, thats not right at all. It seems that in 5 years of development that it takes for ps3 exclusives, Sony has released a ton of amazing games which happen to run graphical/technical circles(minus flopcom) around anything on the Wii or the 360.

In the time the PS3 has been on the market, it already has the highest rated exclusive that out-performs all games when it comes to Cloth Dynamics, Surfacing shaders & Detail, Sheer number of models on screen, Co-Op, and 100% customizable.

I think its safe to say the "duh it takes 5 years to durrr make a ps3 game" irrelevant, or am I wrong? Microsoft is still working on Alan Wake going into year 5+. Yet in the same time Sony has released those technically advanced titles. Killzone 2 isn't the best looking game ever made, no. Its the best looking FPS on a console, but Uncharted certainly looks just as amazing, and it didn't take the magical 5 years to create.

This engine will be used for exclusives, and the sad thing is.. its just starting. Imagine how the PS2's later games ran circles around the first few gen games, christ its going to get better from KZ2. LoL. This is insane.

OMGHI3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

CaseyRyback_CPO takes this 2 serious.......

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xTruthx3559d ago

lol i think he was reffering to multi platform games, thats y he said "Now other developers can come to insomniac and guerrilla when they are developing for the PS3 :). So games now multi-platform games should look the same :P" He wasn't talk about first party exclusives lol

Foxgod3559d ago


Your wrong, the 360 got more high rated exclusives, check meta to see add ups of all the reviews, the exclusives on the 360 also generally sell more.

And could you please stop blurting out random technical slang that you dont understand, and doesnt make sense added up together.

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kevoncox3559d ago

I know people don't like to hear this but Sony messed up this gen. They were at their best when their machine was easy to develop for. They should have realized that the PS2 pissed people off and that MS was woking to be the easier to develop for machine. I think they over estimated their worth and their enemy.

The Ps3 is powerful but it's s agile as a bull. The 360 is less powerful but it is like a ninja using a hundred strike technique.
I have a ps3 and it just isn't as refined as my 360. It is quier and it has a higher level of custombilzation, however, simple thing that MS figured out that gamers wanted, Sony appears dumbfounded by. When I join my friends game, I don't want to have to do it myself etc. It's just a console that needs a bit more OS refining.

GWAVE3559d ago

I know it's trendy to say "Sony messed up this gen" and "they really screwed up with teh Cell" and all that, but I hope I'm not the only gamer on this site who recalls how the PS2 was totally blasted for its first two years on the market because of the "Emotion Engine" hardware and how tough it was for developers to tap into it and all that.

In fact, for a short period of time I remember some pundits claiming the Dreamcast would completely destroy the PS2 because the PS2 hardware was much harder to program for. If anyone over the age of 7 remembers that time, they'll remember that Dreamcast games looked much better than PS2 games for a full 18 months.

Oh, but people forget history so easily...

kevoncox3559d ago

I'm 26 and i don't remember those comments. I do remember EA not backing the DC. I remember Sony launching FF8 on the day of the DC went on sale(I wonder who MS learned that from). I remember people seeing a trailer for MGS2 and being blown away as that's not possible. I remember all the talk about what the EMOTION ENGINE could do and why it will change gaming forever. I then remember looking at my xbox and luaghing at the crap developers were releasing for it.

Like I said things are different this gen. Developers do not have the capital to invest in developing like they once did. It is too expensive. Gamers demande phot realistic setting and enviroments. Developers do not have the time to fully implement all of the features that the cell may be able to do. Exclusives fudned by Sony may, however, thoses are few and far in between( i know the Agency is coming out this years and so is Mag lol)
So yes Sony did drop the ball, being in 3rd place for over 2 years should be eveident of that.

xTruthx3559d ago

You are talking about first party exclusives like CaseyRyback_CPO did but 3rd party studios don't have 5 years to develop for one console, they have to do it for 2 or 3 or did u forget about the 360 and wii ?

CaseyRyback_CPO3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Cheerfully Withdrawn :)

I understood it as the lame fanboy logic of:

"It takes 5 years to make PS3 games." I was pointing out for some odd reason, it doesn't take that long. If it did, we wouldnt be seeing any of these games..Surely there are isolated epics like Too Human, Alan Wake, or Metal Gear Solid that take years, but thats not average.

GWAVE3559d ago

@ kevincox

You always seem to bring up the fact that Sony is in third place as if that matters. Any gamer knows that the 360 released a year earlier. So, why brag about starting the race early? Let's take a more logical approach: which one has been selling more year-by-year.

Hmmm. That would be the PS3.

STONEY43559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

"the 360 got more high rated exclusives, check meta to see add ups of all the reviews"

You actually counted every 360 exclusive and PS3 exclusive and averaged all the scores out?

"the exclusives on the 360 also generally sell more."

Did you ever think about the fact that there are more 360 owners than PS3 owners? And please don't bring game sales into this.

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remanutd553559d ago

at GWAVE , 30 years old gamer here , i remember those days where the gaming media used to bash the good old ps2 , saying it was game over , dreamcast will destroy the ps2 bla bla bla, why you think i dont comment on those articles? because im seeing the same exact thing that i saw with the good old ps2, wow i remember how they used to bash it the first 2 years and now its the same thing over again with the ps3 but people seem to forget sony is an old wolf in this industry i'd say the best for the ps3 is yet to come , one thing is certain , sony has the in house power to make the console successful and thats what i wanna see sony at its best , i know we have been getting unique games (motorstorm,lbp,flower) but i want more

XxZxX3559d ago

as long as u have a fat lazy idiot in the development studio. The complaints will never stop.

callahan093559d ago

Does a great movie make people stop saying movies are hard to make? Come on, this is a fallacious cause and effect proposal.

callahan093559d ago

I'm glad the PS3 is in last place in sales right now. If they'd just released their system at 600 bucks and immediately catapulted to first place, then they'd have not had incentive to make their system a better value by:

1) Lowering the price to 400 (the price at which I bought my PS3)
2) Constantly improving the firmware and the online network
3) Investing in original titles and swiftly building an impressive library of first-party releases
4) Trying to appeal to a new audience with mold breaking titles, challenging our notions of what we thought videogames were supposed to be (Linger in Shadows, echochrome, Flower, the Eye of Judgment, Aquanaut's Holiday, Afrika, etc.)

Good competition breeds innovation, and because the PS3 wasn't blindly bought by a bunch of fanboys, it has been vastly improved, great investments in great titles have been made, and the price has been dropped to make a reasonably priced wonderful piece of technology with all of the most cutting edge features you cold ask for. So, I paid 400 bucks for a piece of hardware with free online, wi-fi built in, blu-ray, and dozens of games that I absolutely love. I'm not complaining about Sony this generation AT ALL. They're doing great so far as I'm concerned. I'd much rather own a system that I love, with a library of incredible games, than to have a stagnating machine that never gets better with a run-of-the-mill library but sells better than the competition. Note: I'm not insinuating that the bigger-installed-base consoles (Wii & 360) are run-of-the-mill or stagnating, I'm just saying that I believe the Playstation series WOULD be approaching that in terms of Sony's support for their own machine if the PS3 had been the all-around best seller this gen, and that because it didn't come out the gate in first place, we gamers are better for it.

robert02673559d ago

but considering they did not take any notice of uncharted I'd say probably not.

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Zeus Lee3559d ago

Any dev complaining about the Ps3 being difficult to develop for at this point is simply not to be taken seriously.

dragunrising3559d ago

I think its a bold statement to say that any new technology is hard to develop for. It takes time to get used to. The PS3 architecture is new and as such took longer for devs to get used to. This is not to say its hard to develop for but there was a learning curve.

Chubear3559d ago

IW put all that to rest with CoD4 but has it stopped? No, it won't ever cause the FUD needs to continue to stop the PS3 momentum and which way they can.

3559d ago
interrergator3559d ago

blah blah blah so long its comin out feb 27 wish there was a midnight if it werent for GAYSTOP

Sevir043559d ago

still i share your dismay in that Gamestop wont have midnight launches. We have to let Sony market this game the way it should be marketed. Xs fingers

HDgamer3559d ago

Because my gamestop is having a midnight launch for killzone 2 in my town. It's gotten more than enough preorders to justify one, however SFIV won't get one :(

interrergator3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

good for u man but o well so long as i have the game im set to get things ready for its arrival add me interrergator. sevir04 true true lets keep the faith in them atleast there advertising the game just saw one but more would be suffice

ELite_Ghost3559d ago

I love that engine! so sexy...