Rhythm of War for PSP: First Look writes:

"Rhythm of War, is a rhythm action strategy game where you travel across time battling aliens, and saving the world. Sounds like your normal game premise these days, but the twist is that you battle the aliens across 4 "tracks" and defeat the enemies by following the track's beat a' la Patapon."

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Sev3441d ago

What? No one likes kick ass PSP games?

No comments? It's been like an hour.

What do you guys think. Guys?

TOO PAWNED3441d ago

I need vid to give comment. Besides i dont have PSP but go Sony go!

TOO PAWNED3441d ago

Since you can contact Sony(i presume) why don't you let them know about this game?

Tony P3441d ago

My first thought before reading the article was Kratos on the drums.

But, I guess this game could be good. Kinda hard to tell with such a bare bones description and one screen cap. Video is a must.

Chaos Striker3441d ago

woohoo! lol. I think it's good that SCE is trying to focus on more differentiated and unique games, similar to that of the DS. One can only hope that this type of offering will motivate more individuals to purchase a PSP.

faisdotal3441d ago

i need beatarator now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3441d ago

'In the END, there will only be...Music!!!' ;-D

Close_Second3441d ago

I like it when to design games around the strengths of the PSP platform and not make people cry over not having a second analog.

Picked up a PSP-3000 at Xmas and have not looked back. I just wish Sony would show a hell of a lot more PSP love on PSN in New Zealand and Australia. I mean, where are all the fantastic PSOne games!!!!!

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