Nvidia has three things ATI doesn't

Fudzilla: "Jensen has told the financial community that when it comes to 3D gaming market, Nvidia feels good. The company's last 55nm addition to its GTX2x0 roadmap did change things to Nvidia's advantage and ATI is now weaker by two.

Jensen mentioned that it has three things the competition doesn't. The first thing on his list is Cuda as the believes that one day Nvidia will start making serious money based on this technology."

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The Snake3562d ago

I use Nvidia cards and I love the Physx integration, but shouldn't this count for something?

Granted it does require a dedicated card, but at least it doesn't have to be the same model as the one you're using for rendering.

Kushan3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Bit of a cheap way of doing it, though, isn't it? At least with nvidia's implementation, you don't even need 2 cards. I only have a single Geforce 9800GTX and the difference in speed with and without Hardware PhysX is amazing (If you want to see what I mean and have an nvidia card, try the "water" tech demo, it lets you turn on and off hardware physics with a keypress), despite the graphics and physics being calculated on the same card.
And it's no surprise, either, you can't draw a scene without knowing what you're drawing and where you're drawing it, so before the graphics card can do anything, you need to calculate the physics, so why not have it do that, then let it render it all? It makes sense to me and I don't understand why ATI's OFFICIAL (Ahh, there are ways) implementations do not do this. Essentially, on a 2-card set up, when one is being used, the other is going to be idle.

The Snake3561d ago

I've seen that demo. It was very impressive. I use 2 8800GTs in SLI so I don't know what it's like with a single card, but the fact that it can be done (and done well) definitely trumps this ATI workaround. But like I said, the fact that they *can* process physics using their graphics cards should count for something in the context of this article.

Itrguy0013561d ago

well dont matter much to me cause i am not getting a notebook anymore i am getting me a desktop since i didnt know nVidia doesnt support notebook graphics cards

TechWiz3561d ago

Nvidia now supports Mobile GPU's. See link

Marcus Fenix3561d ago

I think that both Nvidia and ATI cards can draw a smile on ur face, unforunately my laptop came with some Intel video card which is very weak, I can play LOTR:BFME2 with lowest graphics and a framerate like 25 or something, I don't game much on PC anyway.

Boty3561d ago

Nvidia cards. They seem to be able to process more then ATI's cards.
I plan on getting two 295 cards and dedicating one of them to Physx.

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