Why it's good to be a fanboy yet better to be a gamer

It's great to be a gamer but who says being a fanboy is such a bad thing right?

All a fanboy is really is nothing but a person who is loyal to a particular brand. So what does each fanboy (Nintendo, Playstation 3, Xbox 360) have to rejoice about. Gen Gigi has the answers.

Also, find out why a gamer is better than a fanboy. Want to know if you are a fanboy or a gamer, read on curious one.

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ape0073559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

fanboys can go to hell

I can't really understand the gap that they suffer from,that make them say silly stuff like

"gears 2 sucks"

"killzone 2 flop"

"mgs4 sucks"

im enjoying kz2 right now,amazing on all fronts

I'll download gta 4 lost and damnned soon


nothing better than having both ps3 and 360 in one room

ps3 and 360 for to are friends,they both unite to fulfill my gaming need,you are a gamer,you love games,that's it

heavy rain and alan wake omg


one thing that makes me act like a fanboy,it is the 1000+ aricales of pure bullsh!t that sayS ps3 sucks and it's a failure,ps3 will fail,it's done,sell it,sinking ship,loosing groubd,titanic,ps3do,home is a failure,home sucks,nobody in home,what will sony do,sony pull the ps3.WTF

GiantEnemyCrab3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Based on your comments, you seem to be more of a PS3 defender than a fanboy. I really don't mind fanboys when it comes to jumping up and down about the system they own. I get upset and go all fanboy(defender) when someone is talking crap or spreading FUD about the 360.

No doubt it's better being a gamer and appreciating all the systems for what they are.

Kushan3559d ago

Unfortunately, it seems some people believe that defending either console makes you a fanboy. You know, because saying anything good about one means you're saying something negative about the other or some such.

I genuinely believe that most fanboys are simply in denial, that their investment didn't get them EVERY single good game going, that another, "inferior" system actually has a few good games as well and thus must justify their purchase by berating anyone that disagrees with them.

dragunrising3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I believe each console should be perceived by its own merits and shortcomings. With that said, there is a difference between fanboy, and gamer/fan. Fanboy's feel the need to justify their purchase and bring down others in the process. They're console purchase is in a way tied to their sense of identity and pride. Gamer's/fan's on the other hand enjoy gaming in every facet of the word. It is more of a hobby and less of an obsession with an inanimate object. Granted, everyone has preferences, gamers don't need to validate their purchase. I would also speculate that the majority of fanboy's are adolescent boys. There is a certain aspect of irrationality that in no way speaks of maturity on their part. This is in no way universally true.

Also, I agree that defending a game or a console does not make you a fanboy. If your logic is good, you shouldn't have to explain yourself. I for one am tired of all the silly one sentence fanboy exclamations that incite everyone to insult everyone.

soxfan20053559d ago

There is nothing wrong with defending your favorite console. Fanboys take it too far though. If you love Killzone 2, great. But when someone says that it is the "best game ever", before it is even released, that is taking things too far. Trolling articles about a console that you don't even own in order to talk nonsense about a competing game, or worse, make fun a particular person's name, is also crossing the line. As is anonymously accusing any media outlet of conspiracy if they score a certain game below what the fanboy considers "acceptable". People who do those things have ZERO credibility.

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NJShadow3559d ago

Ha ha, pretty cool article. Very well written.

ape0073559d ago

look at the pic

a fan and a boy


no_more_trolling3559d ago

i personally dont like them. they are irrational and annoying

John Titor3559d ago

It is definitely better to be a gamer

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