Good Game: Killzone 2 Video Review

Killzone 2 review from the Good Game show on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

"Killzone 2

The first Killzone for the PS2 was Sony's answer to Xbox's incredibly successful Halo, it was even dubbed the "halo-killer". But the final game was glitch laden and fell way short of expectations. So with mixed offerings you can't blame gamers for being cynical when, in 2005, a trailer for Killzone 2 appeared with stunning visuals...Does it live up to the Hype?"

Bajo gave the gave a 9.5 rubber chickens out of 10
Junglist gave the game an 8 rubber chickens out of 10

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Liquid Snake3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Guys i cant embed the video. The link will take you direct to the ABC Good Game review. The ABC is a government owned TV station in Australia, not some no name website like certain gaming blogs on N4G.

Forgive Junglist on the 8 out of 10. He is always harsh on his reviews.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33560d ago

How do you follow up a statement like "its the best shooter on the PS3" with "I give it a 8 out of 10"

Sometimes I wonder if these guys get their kicks by messing w/ fanboys heads.

resistance1003560d ago

I don't think i've ever seen games rated on the Rubber Chicken scale before lol

Liquid Snake3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

lol at Blackcanary's disagree.

Sully3560d ago

If your a Bot and reading this fuk off from the PS3 section.

Shaka2K63560d ago

LMAO no cant do my man, Xbugs have no games to play in 2009 they will be all wasting their useless lifes

trolling PS3 news


writing brainless articules about how Sony is doom !!!

Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa !!!

John Titor3560d ago

Knowing that Killzone 3 will be an anticipated Ps3 title.

Giriath3560d ago

None of them have unlocked anything in the multiplayer and haven't played against human players for more than an hour.

Hey guys, here's my review of the Lotr trilogy! I only read half of them, but I heard the rest are supposed to be good, so it's a 10/10! But then again, I didn't really like the half I read, and since I don't know the other half, it may be a 7/10.

Sarcasm3560d ago

You know what's the worst part about reviews in general?

They're inconsistent. Gears of war 2 had online problems, yet garnered a 9/10 10/10 from most publications.

So all of a sudden it's only a problem with Killzone 2.

*rolls eyes in circles and passes out*

jellejelle3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

@Giriath, really depends, before I reviewed Killzone 2 I had put over eight hours into the online multiplayer, with at least eight other people. And given my experience I'd say that Guerrilla got the MP just right. It plays great and there was no lag.

Heavy-h3559d ago

i dont give too sh!ts about reviews now after i played the game around a friend of mine, who has a promo disk. And i can tel u that the game is awesome feels so good when playing

Can't wait till Feb 27th

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