MadWorld Interview: Submit your questions to Platinum Games

Gamezine: It's your chance to submit your MadWorld questions to its developer Platinum Games.

Platinum Games, the studio formed by the key members of Capcom's Clover Studio, are on course to deliver a number of high-profile video games with SEGA; MadWorld being the first.

The controversial game is coming exclusively to the Wii, and we were thoroughly impressed with the game, especially the controls, in our hands-on last week.

Now you can send your questions to Platinum Games by submitting them in the comments section; and you better make them good, since we'll be going to the trouble to get the questions translated into Japanese and then the answers back into English!

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This should be in the first page of the wii section. Instead of that double-D girl-pic bullsht.

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Agreed. Should try and bump it up.

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i completely agree.......this site just doesnt get what gaming is all about.rather then reviews and articles about games this site thrives off sales and flamebait.

Maybe its not the site and rather the so called gamers on it.