Windows 7 Vs. Linux: The Battle For Your Desktop

With the release of Windows 7's first public beta, there's a feeling in the air that Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has finally created the Windows they've been promising for a long time. They've got little choice: the public and professional reaction to Vista, and mounting pressure from low-cost Linux on low-cost computing devices, means they've had to act fast.

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DavidMacDougall3561d ago

I have no clue what Linux is but im sticking with Windows XP until they get there act together

Finalfantasykid3561d ago

Ya Linix is pretty sick. I am on Ubuntu as we speak :)

tplarkin73561d ago

Is Linux compatible with everything? No.

End Program

jib3561d ago

i don't use "everything" but i have A LOT of THINGS i use on xp that isn't available on linux

Viper73561d ago

Is Vista and W7 combatible with everything? No

There are plenty of programs in Linux for most users.
Image editting - Gimp (actualy pretty good, but needs a bit re-learning not to mention its free)
MSN - aMSN (For those liking MSN messenger aMSN is pretty familiar choise)
Internet browsing - All the browsers that matter are available for linux except chrome which Google is working on (or so they say)
Office programs - Open office (does the trick and does it well and for free)
Torrent - Azureus (not that any1 would download anything illegal with it.. Right?)
RSS - Liferea and couble of others.
3D modelling - Blender (also free)

Plenty of free good alternatives, for most of the programs ppl actualy need with their computer.

So if your thinking on trying linux the only things that might really stop you from doing so are the support for games and your hardware. Oh and Not many accessories have official drivers for linux.

SaiyanFury3560d ago

I don't use "everything" but in my test of the Windows 7 beta, MS got a lot of things right. It's fast and is capable of running on lesser hardware. I've not yet had a stability issue either. Windows 7 has native driver support and will update unknown hardware to make it work with Windows Update. No doubt Windows 7 has it's problems, but even the Aero Glass interface works well on my modern PC. I have very few complaints for it. Windows 7 is more stable, it has great functionality, and native driver support. More than I can say for Vista. My praise extends to Windows Update; my no-name n-band wireless card has no drivers online for Windows 7, but Windows Update found my wireless card, and updated it with drivers that work with very little input from me. That earns it a bigger score from me. MS may not be 100% on with Windows 7, but Lord knows it's a big step in the right direction.

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Jrome3561d ago

Linux still needs work

f7897903561d ago

Apple is Intel only (future lawsuit?) so I dont go with them and all I'm left with is Windows.

paul-p19883561d ago

Linux is actually a LOT easier to use than any version of Windows imo. It shows in the business side of it aswell, M$ is finding things to make sure people dont leave them, and all the linux distros are finding ways of making computing that little bit more efficient, therefore making it much better Windows.

Try Ubuntu before you make a comment like that again, and you will definitly change your mind :)

Baka-akaB3561d ago

By defaut becauses of games and progs , Win7 or dual boot .

paul-p19883561d ago

There are a couple of programs on linux that run games, like WINE, and they tend to actually work better on my Linux partition than they ever did on Windows. Try UT2003 between the 2, linux makes it a whole lot smoother than Windows :)

Viper73561d ago

Dual boot is great option for most users, It allows the user to use both systems for what they are best for.

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