Editorial Altercations: Does Pixelated Terror Still Exist?

The Cast of Evil Writes,"Survival horror is a genre that has quickly become overcrowded with the success of games such as Resident Evil. Though there are many flops because of this, there have also been some true gems that have shinned through. But are these great games really scary? What does it mean to be scared while you're playing a game? Our editors had some time to think about their scariest moments in gaming, some of them may wet the bed later from the nightmares."

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CrAppleton3564d ago

Some games are still VERY scary IMO. Dead Space was a nice look into terror.

bgrundman3564d ago

Dead Space is not as much scary as it is shocking.

supercharger51503564d ago

I'm really enjoying this article format. I do wish I knew a little more about who all these people weighing in are...

bgrundman3564d ago

Yeah, who are some of these people? Interesting ideas either way though.

supercharger51503564d ago

Who they are might explain a little about the opinions that they have. Just a thought.

roblef3564d ago

Isn't scary a subjective thing? For example, Japanese horror, like The Grudge, is all about creep factor, and terror, and ratcheting up that tension. Typical US horror tends to be, IMO, more pop out and say BOO!

Your reaction for any particular game is gonna be influenced by your subjective thoughts about what scares you.

roblef3564d ago

I remember Bungie's Marathon as a VERY scary game.

bgrundman3564d ago

God, I hope you are kidding... :-S

roblef3564d ago

Dude, it scared the crap out of me. You might be too young. ;)

Kushan3564d ago

The only game to ever genuinely give me the creeps (As in not just "scare" you by making something jump out at you) was Silent Hill 1. I think I might have just been young at the time, it certainly doesn't scare me at all now and since then, nothing has come close.

killyourfm3564d ago

YES Kushan, bubbles for you sir. Silent Hill 1 not only gave me the creeps, it made me incredibly uncomfortable and on edge. The atmosphere they pulled off was perfect.

I always thought it was hilarious that adding fog actually puts less strain on the system (PS1) and teh developers, but added SO MUCH to the game itself.

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