EA CEO Talks PS3 Blu-Ray Function and Dismisses Digital Downloading

In a new interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal, outgoing EA CEO Larry Probst outlines his faith in Will Wright and Spore, his thoughts on the PS3's price point and how traditional retailers have nothing to worry about (yet) regarding digital downloads.

When asked about how his thoughts on the PS3 launch and the console's progress thus far, he said that Sony has delivered "about the number of units that we expected in North America," adding that he finds it "interesting… that people seem surprised that there might be some resistance to a $599 price point."

He said that by the time a PS3 buyer has picked up accessories, software and taxes, the grand total comes to $800 to $900. "That's a lot of money," he conceded.

Nevertheless, he said that Sony hasn't tried to overextend itself feature-wise on the PS3, saying that it will take a while for consumers to understand that they're getting an expensive Blu-ray player "for free" with a PS3.

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grifter0244304d ago

This article didnt really say a lot like how the title makes you think.Just a little paragraph kinda cheap... It is true digital distrubitoun will have a while to go before it takes over but still dismissing it like it was nothing is a real bad idea. .. If anything the 360 marketplace is doing a good job of the Digital Downloading since other companys are following suit..... I mean the ps3 not blockbuster,netfilx,vizio..... I wonder if it will happen we will just download movies straight to our laptops and Desktops and will never see retailers that much ever again. Crazy

lil bush4304d ago

this news 100 people has said this before

GaMr-4304d ago


1.To stop considering; rid one's mind of; dispel: dismissed all thoughts of running for office.

2.To refuse to accept or recognize; reject: dismissed the claim as highly improbable.


"With the rise of digital downloads, some have already declared that brick-and-mortar retailers are doomed. But Probst thinks that the demise of retail and the hands of digital distribution is far off. “I don't think digital downloads are going to put retailers out of business anytime in the foreseeable future,” he said. “When we look at our overall business in fiscal 2010, we're forecasting all of our online business plus our mobile-platform business to be something in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 percent of our total business, which would suggest that the rest is still transacted at retail.”"

"I choose my words wisely" ; )

highps34304d ago


Sony sucks everyone else is great..

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The story is too old to be commented.