Killzone 2's ten second TV advert…

Following on from our story Killzone 2's marketing budget TSA can give you the TV teaser for what is shaping up to be a serious contender for the big game of 2009, Killzone 2. It's nice and menacing, with plenty of horror trailer tropes to get you scurrying behind the sofa, only to peek back at the TV while you pre-order your copy…

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Zeus Lee3564d ago


Htf are people supposed to know what the game is about in 10 seconds?

Qbanboi3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Wow, that was.... short. But hey, it's better than nothing.

Sevir043564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )


Htf are people supposed to know what the game is about in 10 seconds?

Tell em, this is like the shortest thing ever. you didn't even see the action.......... ... Sony if there is more, you better be showing the complete AD campaign....

10 Secs WTF :|

Hockey113564d ago

I believe it is just a preview of the commercial.

Trollimite3564d ago

that looks kind of fake to me. im jus saying.

Ghoul3564d ago

It's called a "Teaser" not advert.

A Teaser is made to tease people to research about the name to build up hype. Oh and a Teaser is almost everytime followed by a real advert some days/weeks later

Sony Rep3564d ago

Sony did this with their holiday '08 advertisements. This isn't the full ad. It's teasers that lead up to the full ads.

Pennywise3564d ago

Ghoul... thank you, I feel like I am going crazy reading these comments.

Click the link or at least read the description before you guys start talking.

Timberland2K93564d ago

if this is all they are doing to show the game. SCEA needs to see some fugging tips from microsoft.

If i was too see this game on tv for the first time i would say.

"Ok, cool looking guys with Red Eyes"

Were is the gameplay. Show that ticking bomb that I love. Show the Electricity gun

Ghoul3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )


i hate repeating myself

"It's called a "Teaser" not advert.

A Teaser is made to tease people to research about the name to build up hype. Oh and a Teaser is almost everytime followed by a real advert some days/weeks later"

btw halo did the same so CUT THE FANBOY CRAP

A Teaser is there to make you interested to TEASE you not to explain anything, a teaser only shows you short frames of the product, to rais your interest. like "Wtf, killzone 2 ? hmm heard of that looks interesting" and THEN you release the commercial.

you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that. linguistic abilitys and the word "teaser" should be enough......

whoelse3564d ago

It annoys me when people comment without even reading the article.

It's called a 'Teaser'!

Google 'Teaser' for more info...

Timberland2K93564d ago

Nobody is on any fanboy crap im a ps3 fan not fanboy.

I didn't realize it was a teaser not ad.

take a deep breath for crying out loud.
I just really think sony needs to let out the boatload of Killzone 2 ads

na2ru13564d ago

since they are the coolest looking things on a game to date. This definitely would have got me curious about WTH this Killzone 2s about IF I NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Then the hands on impression will be more compelling and breath taking

acedoh3564d ago

Does exactly what it's supposed to and that is tease the audience. Some will go what the heck is this? Others will know it's Killzone 2 and get excited enough to pre-order. Ad's like this build hype and it's a lot more effective since it costs much less than a 30 second ad. They can almost flood their market and get people excited. I am sure this will get a lot of buzz going...

prowiew3564d ago

Huh. Did I miss something?

NickIni3563d ago

10 seconds is long for an advert anyway.

Arkrite3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

This is not fake I've seen the ad on Sky sports news last night (16th Feb) in the UK

u got owned3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I'm sorry Sony but i think this teaser is weak. Teasers are supposed to make you want to know what is it, to pick your brain, to make you want more, not to show just some images. This doesn't do anything for me.

kharma453563d ago

Yeah it's no fake, it was on TV last night, see the video I've attached that I recorded.

I thought this was just going to be a teaser, didn't think they'd use that trailer on the actual TV, unless there is another advert to come later.

Marquis_de_Sade3563d ago

I like adverts like that, you see it and need to know more.

Joey Greco RULES3563d ago

that WAS nothing.
might as well just put a copy of the game and a ps3 onscreen together, and in big bold letters under that---BUY US.

evrfighter3563d ago

if this was meant to tease...

my epeen did not even twitch

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Mr PS33564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

That Ad
That Sneek peak
Would have Sold it to me Right there and Then !!! Right on the Spot !!!
Awsome Ad

OmarJA3564d ago

Only a retarded xbot like PP or GiantEnemyLobster would disagree with you...

Sony Rep3564d ago

I agree. Awesome teaser ad.

Zeus Lee3564d ago

Btw does anyone know what the Marketing Budget for Killzone 2 is?

chrisnick3564d ago

2 million dollars i think.

Ghoul3564d ago

its FAAAR more expect around 10 million+

its 2 million pounds only for uk

u got owned3563d ago

Agree Ghoul. Its hopefully around 10 or more, because 2 Millions is nothing for a Marketing campaign.

PirateThom3564d ago

To me that looks like a "teaser ad". I've seen things like this a few times, during breaks it'll show those length of ads randomly, then show a fuller ad in the same break slot.

That's supposed to pique your interest so when the full ad hits, questions are answered.

If that's the full ad... epic failure.

Awesome Possum3564d ago

Like the gatorade G commercials.

Sitdown3564d ago

10 seconds?...if not, for some reason it felt like it. Those are good ads....even though at first, I thought it was a Nike commercial. The reason why, is that I assume that was lil wayne saying what G was....and then Lil Wayne was in that Lebron James commercial...the candy man one.

Another example would be the Lebron James insurance commercial...were before the superbowl they would show him at the press conference...then after the superbowl they showed the rest of it.

Anyhow...last big have the Jabbawokies become in the media since there win on MTV.

tonytouchx3564d ago

is a sneek peek,is not the whole ad.