Gamebosh Review: Left 4 Dead

Gamebosh writes: "While zombie games aren't new fare (the first Resident Evil is nearly 13 years old), recent technology has made it possible to properly recreate full-on uprisings on our console screens. The recent influx of zombie movies and shows in the past few years - Shaun of the Dead, Dead Set, the Resi movies and even Romeo's new (if slightly disappointing) Dead films - have also helped to bring the genre into the mainstream.

Most games, even the recent ones like Dead Rising, have tended to go with the solitary hero role, with one man or woman taking on the un-dead by themselves, occasionally stopping to babysit or chat with an ally. Left 4 Dead finally takes the group survival element, something that is a key part of most films in the genre, and places it into one rather special game."

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