Sony's 10 Year Plan: Key Steps to Keep Hope Alive

These days, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay relevant and competitive in any market. I know you're probably tired of hearing about recession's effects on things, but the truth is that it affects anything and everything, and no matter how we try to defend the gaming industry as indestructible in light of the economic situation in the United States, it is not completely immune and anyone can be hurt without a moment's notice (just ask Midway).

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Zeus Lee3561d ago

2.Marketing marketing marketing marketing marketing x100

Hated Greatness3561d ago

Indeed, that's ultimately the best thing you can do. But Sony also needs to find balance. Put money into your exclusives, but don't let the marketing take a hit, and vice versa. Too much focus on one thing always leads to loss in quality of other things (a paradigm of the rubber band model in economics)

butterfinger3561d ago

have you seen any Killzone 2 commercials? It would be really nice to see one before the game comes out:)

cryymoar3561d ago

0 times 100 still equals zero. xD

the PS3 has some great games out now, and great games coming up, they need to step up their marketing by a lot and push those titles.

cryymoar3561d ago

don't put all your eggs in one basket like Microsoft.