New Tekken 5 Screens

New screenshots have been released from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

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bigmack3971d ago

stop giving us old news N4G...

BUM3971d ago

These screens are new to N4G and to me. So relax man.

lil bush3971d ago

anyway these dont look that great to me and i think the VF5 looks better which im going to pick up by the way.

Merovee3971d ago

Tekken 5 is a download.

fenderputty3971d ago

... and it was ported from an arcade game. Tekken six is the game you should base your comparison.

jpod3971d ago

they shouldn't looked better than vf5. it was never to be a next gen title. just a optimized for ps3 arcade port and the arcade board was based off of ps2 technology. still looks good in HD and is a great game in itself.

timmyp533971d ago

VF5 looks sick though ..i'm grabbing that for my Playstation 3 this weekend.

GaMr-3971d ago

Is more fun to me. Then again im a Tekken fan. Never was big on Virtua Fighter its a little stiff. I have a copy of VF5. I played it once. Im about to throw it on Ebay if anyone is interested. I'll let it go for $40 USD.