Paranoia over Racism and Sexism in Games

MegaWarp has an article that examines the various complaints about the supposed obnoxious racism and sexism in games.

"There was criticism about Resident Evil 5's abundance of native African zombies. This complaint is actually entirely baseless.
Since Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa it makes perfect sense that the zombies are predominately of native black-African lineage.


Games in general are not all down-to-earth and usually stretch people's imagination.
Improving the overall quality of video games and entertainment in general is not merely adding lots of minorities with unbelievable role mixing. People should not get preferential treatment if they have ethnic-minority or gender status (the minority is actually the majority), because this by itself creates discrimination and sexism. Big government and representative organizations should not meddle or dictate the content of entertainment."

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mindedone3592d ago

This article is very poorly written based on multiple fallacies. The racism and sexism argument are not made in relation to movies. Whether movies are more or less more racist or sexist is inconsequential; the question is whether these videogames are racist or sexist at all.

When people argue that RE5 isn't racist, they always turn to the "buh but, it takes place in Africa!" argument. These people miss the entire point. These people justify their argument, saying it's okay to kill Africans because the game takes place in Africa, but the people who claim RE5 is racist believe it shouldn't take place in Africa at all. Being "the birthplace of civilization" or whatever explanation Capcom has is no justification. (Edit) We won't even the reference to "Birthplace of a Nation."

Your argument against racism in X-Blades is just laughable. To think it's not sexist because to make her any more realistic would make children want to emulate her is ridiculous.

And none of this is to say that there is racism and sexism in these games. It's just that your arguments are very very poor.

Edit: If you think a game is racist, that's fine. If you think a game is not racist, that's fine too. But please, stop it with these lame arguments for either side; it tires me.

cayal3592d ago

"But please, stop it with these lame arguments for either side; it tires me."

Don't read them.

mindedone3592d ago

I am not saying that all arguments about racism are lame, I'm just saying that some are lame, i.e., the bad ones.

NaiNaiNai3592d ago

mindedone, WTF does that have to do with what cayal typed? you know just wonder.

mindedone3592d ago

If you read my first comment, he was quoting me, telling me not to read arguments on racism. He either is telling me to not read ANY arguments on racism, which is killing a gnat with a grenade launcher, since I have problems with SPECIFIC arguments, or he is telling me not to read those SPECIFIC arguments, which I cannot do. I would not know whether an argument is good until I read it.

NaiNaiNai3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

all he said was don't read them, not read certain ones, and sure not to give a explanation of why you won't or would read them. personally i find any of these "storys" to be pointless, most of its found on real BS stuff. RE is racist, LMFAO i guess we should call PETA.

cayal3592d ago

You're not going to find a good argument on the subject. Chances are you have heard both sides of (what I think is) a very over blown issue (Racism in RE5, not racism in general) and no one is going to introduce anything new to it.

mindedone3592d ago

But I actually have read a good article on the subject. It was concise and informative. It's conclusion was that there was no racism in RE5. It gave proper respect to both sides of the argument, and it gave proper rebuttals to the arguments, not poor straw man versions of them.

I don't believe the game gives proper sensitivity. It's not racist; it just doesn't give proper reverence.

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