5 Things Dead Rising 2 Must Have writes: "Canadian developer Blue Castle Games and Capcom's Dead Rising 2. It just feels great to let it out, no? Nearly 3 years later and the "Resident Evil meets Dynasty Warriors" murder-fest is still a text-book example of maximum number of zombies on screen at once. Thankfully, the game was about more than just killing, as photo-journalist, Frank West, was embroiled in government cover-ups, murderous vendettas and a quest for the truth behind the zombie infestation. The first game wasn't perfect – we're not necessarily saying these additions could make the second so – but here are five features Dead Rising 2 must have, on pain of zombification."

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Mr PS33561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

1 Zombies
2 Lots of them
3 Plenty of Wepons
4 All in Glorious HD
5 On My PS3

Nike3561d ago

Obviously PS3 would be no. 5 cuz it's coming to 360 and PC too. :D

Nike3561d ago

That's for sure. So many lost chances. T_T