Eurogamer: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Review

Eurogamer writes: "Although Rockstar may not be adding much to the footprint of Liberty City with The Lost and Damned - conjuring a fresh island out of the muddy rivers, or laying down a fine spray of new skyscrapers, flyovers, and dockyards - the company has been hard at work building stories; sculpting new characters, fabricating dense relationship networks of cause and effect, and plumbing in a buried system of deadly motives and smouldering resentment. The Lost and Damned's narrative sees the developer on top form, creating an unnerving pressure-cooker tale that draws on the familiar GTA themes of hierarchy, revenge, and going for a drive with a passenger who doesn't mind it when you flip the car at an intersection and plant it upside down in a bakery".

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Zeus Lee3562d ago

Nah,the game of February is SFIV closely followed by Killzone 2 and Halo Wars.

Ghyst3562d ago

It's no killzone 2, but if you don't have a ps3 i guess this is second best, at LEAST it's better than halo wars 7/10.......

DelbertGrady3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Both Halo Wars and Killzone 2 got 7/10 from EDGE. And from what I've heard GTA IV is not an FPS. Neither is Halo Wars...

mintaro3562d ago

Going by the Edge review......wasn't Killzone 2 also given a 7?

XDF3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

OK it scores 1 point better in Eurogamer. Didin't Fable got a 10 and MGS4 got an 8 from the very same site.

So by your definition, GTA4 DLC = MGS4, and Fable 2 is greater than KZ2. See, it is an OPIONION from a single person. Just enjoy the games and stop worrying about someone else opionion.

Sony Rep3562d ago

Not bad, but Killzone 2 scored better....

Eiffel3562d ago

Sadly you have not.

Nor ever will.

3sq3562d ago

I Thank god for that. Bought the original, played it for 20 minutes. Since then I've touched the game. It was so awfully bad. lol

Dark General3562d ago

Since when did people review DLC?

Killzonegamer843562d ago

Ever since the fascist company that MS is FORCED people to review DLC and overrate it just like they are doing with this...

If this sells well, 360 fanboys deserved to get milked for every penny they are worth.. I mean for god sakes, it took near $50 million to make such a masterpiece of a game like Killzone 2 and yet MS spent $50 million on some DLC for a overrated piece of garbage game to begin with?!

MS needs to get their priorties straight because they are soon about to find out that without a solid 1st party line up that they will down quick.. 360 only outsold the PS3 by 100 thousand units last month and thats even the good 60gb 360 model being $100.00 cheaper than the PS3 model.. when PS3 get its $100.00 price cut.. its a wrap

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