Harrison admits 'mistakes' to Newsweek

Studio boss outlines past PS3 PR errors, but talks up finished product.

President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison has said that the platform holder did a "bad job" of communicating PS3's capability to consumers in 2006 – but that the console represents a "fantastic achievement" for the firm.

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SimmoUK4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

He knows the games will change everything for Playstation 3, that's why he always seems so cool and not iritated by the bad press. He's even admitted laffing at some of the stories that people come up with, this is part of an old interview...

Did you know that Sony used to be on the same advertising agency as Microsoft 6 month's ago, they felt they were being treated unfairly with a majority of the work load going towards Microsoft, i'm not one to make allegations but make your own conclusions on why that would be. Neadless to say they've moved agency now that was incharge of there PR. Not many people know that but I can find article's to back it up.

Over the next couple of weeks the NDA's are going to be lifted anyway...

Violater4301d ago

Old news, I guess nothing new until tomorrow huh.

lil bush4301d ago

well at least he admits he was wrong and i dont think you would see that from M$ or nintendo so like i said once they put out the games its going to shut alot of people mouths up.

Syko4301d ago

Phil Harrison's mouth is "Last-Gen" Technology.

kewlkat0074301d ago

are just ridiculous. Why is it, every time a "Sony" exec admit that they screwed up about something, they are compared to MS and Others. I know you hardcore fanboys forgives Sony for all their sins but man give it a break, jeez louise..
"Oh if it was MS or Nintendo they would of never admitted that they were wrong". You Fanboys crack me up, Almost like "Sony" cuts you a public relations Check.

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The story is too old to be commented.