LG reveals world's first transparent phone

If you've seen those Minority Report style films where everyone in the future is using a transparent phone that can morph at the touch of a button, then you'll probably be excited by the LG GD900.

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Zeus Lee3501d ago

Available at the affordable price of $899.99

randomwiz3501d ago

more like 8.99
it doesn't offer anything expensive if it offers anything at all.

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John Titor3501d ago

This would compliment my Ps3 nicely

Bnet3433501d ago

I don't get it, your PS3 is transparent as well?

randomwiz3501d ago

well... the controller is kind of. If you hold it up to light you can see through it.

Bnet3433501d ago

That's not true. The Dualshock 3 controllers in United States are not transparent at all.

Bnet3433501d ago

he didn't say SIXAXIS, he said controller.

Kyur4ThePain3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

He said the controller is kind of transparent.
The Sixaxis is. The DS3 isn't.
Which bloody controller do you think he was talking about?

na2ru13501d ago

And the launch sixaxis were transparent. Later sixaxis models were not followed by the DS3.

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dragunrising3501d ago

Looks nice however I wonder how long it will stay transparent:-p Dust and other debris could make it not so clear.

The price shouldn't be all that high. I'm not sure people are willing to way $200-$300 more for a transparent keypad.

ExXxilE3500d ago

I have the LG shine and i like it, i hope this transparent LG can hold up to some of the other good LG phones out there.

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