Prototype transforms the sandbox

Take a look at this genetically different multi-platform game, due out this spring. Can prototype alter the way we look at sandbox gaming?

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Xandet3559d ago

I'm really interested to see if I'll enjoy this game or inFamous more. Both look to have their downs (no co-op), but I'm equally excited to play both.

ViRaL-3559d ago

a lot of the hulk game

TOO PAWNED3559d ago

Prototype will be this years Mercenaries 2. It looks great on vids, it demos well but once full game comes out gamers will realise that it is mediocre game

DaTruth3559d ago

Looks like the Spiderman 3 game. I was disgusted by the low grade graphics in this game from the start and it needed to be delayed.

I know, graphics aren't everything; But sometimes you can tell a low quality game just from looking at it.

Beast_Master3559d ago

It does seem like Ultimate destruction on steriods. People in the city seem to always be running like in State of Emergency, I think the story will be pretty dry, Infamous will be better at telling their story. But Prototype will have the better Arcade feel especially with all the bloody kills.

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makingdamage3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Am I the only one thinking that it´s a slap in the players face when Rockstar rather work on this DLC stuff instead of fixing the broken GTA4 first? I´m talking of the multiplayer mode problem of course that´s broken.