Metal Gear Solid 4 Platinum Packshot Revealed

Earlier today was announced that Metal Gear Solid 4 hits platinum on 5 march. Now posted up, the Platinum packshot of the game.

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Sony Rep3561d ago

I hope Konami releases the extended version of the game for the PS3. Lower the price to a greatest hit and announce an extended version? I'd buy it day-one.

_Q_3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I bought the regular version for full price and now the casual buyers get the LE boxart for a fraction of what I payed? x_X ..

Update: I mistook that box art for the NA's LE Box art.
Either way the Eu and the LE box arts were way better.

Im really just whining a bit. Its not huge deal. Just posing my thoughts

PirateThom3561d ago

That's the standard art for Europe.

George Sears3561d ago

I don't get what you mean. The US LE doesn't even look like that.

Rich16313561d ago

I don't think that can get any uglier.

DarkBlood3561d ago

oh does anyone know if games like uncharted is plantium or something because im interested in getting it

i hope this game gets trophies lol i have to replay it again because i had to start a new user on my ps3 since i turned 18 and delete my old user because i couldn't create my OWN psn account after i only use the other one for demo downloads becaue all of my ps3 save files was gone lol and now i'll get to playing all of them again might as well save oblivion goty edition for last lol

nycredude3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I don't think Uncharted is platinum yet but you can pick it up used for liekk $35. Do it immediately as it is well worth the price. Also with all the good games coming out I don't think you will ever get to oblivion. I put off oblivion to play some games and it has been a year since and I just don't have the time to get back to it. I have like 5 or 6 homes and I don't remember where they are? sigh...

Edit: I hope after Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Infamous, God of War 3, mlb the show 2009, that Sony takes a break from dropping exlusive games so I can get to my backlog of multiplats... :)

DarkBlood3560d ago

@ nycredude

funny i thought i saw it for 20 or 30 dollars brand new well when i get my job again in a few weeks or less i'll definitly be on the lookout for this game at eb or zellers near me

TOSgamer3560d ago

No, still no "Greatest Hits" edition for Uncharted, Heavenly Sword or Ratchet and Clank in the US.