The Making of Resident Evil 5

The Fox Network writes: We go behind the scenes of "Resident Evil 5" and show you the cutting-edge technology behind the game. Plus, our full review of "Rygar: The Battle of Argus"... Has it stood the test of time?

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Fishy Fingers3558d ago

Virtual camera is very interesting, I believe Peter Jackson originally pioneered the idea during filming of the LOTR, predominantly, the first cave troll scene. Expect that to become a standard piece of equipment in games/movies in future.

JimmyHACK3558d ago

LOTR used it, and Resistance 2 used it. hope it becomes a standard because it definitely gives game cutscenes a more realistic feel.

kingme713558d ago

But, but, but they showed alien backside and corrupted our children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Oh wait, that was another Fox segment on games. Sorry, carry on.

fossilfern3558d ago

Do nothing for a few years get RE4 slap a new skin on it turn Leon into chris and turn ashley into sheva, make the europeain environment africa and turn the zombies into african. I think iv just summed it up well

Tony999Montana3558d ago

Its actually simpler than that..
1. Find resident evil 4; it's back there somewhere.
2. Copy and paste main character, give one black hair and other boobies.
3. Turn the sun up to maximum brightness, to make it less scary for kids.
4. Evil corporate laugh

riksweeney3558d ago

#include "biohazard4.c"
#include "upscaler.c"

int main()


farhsa20083558d ago

what you guys mentioned is true to some extent but it will have no baring on sales because it was made for suckers like me.

Trebius3558d ago

We are indeed suckers...

I wasnt interested in buying the game after I saw the gameplay videos...

But I played the co op demo, and now I'm gonna get it regardless of it being a copy/paste RE4.

It's still good.