Microsoft Officially Relaxes Xbox Live Arcade Limits

Officials from Microsoft have confirmed that the maximum total size of an Xbox Live Arcade download has been increased from 50MB to 150MB.

Although a new upper limit has never previously been discussed by Microsoft, then Xbox Live Arcade group manager Greg Canessa did indicate in January that the company would be willing to relax the 50MB limit.

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calderra4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

...note that this is largely due to the new, larger memory card. Again, the idea of the limit is to make the games fit on a mem card for the users who still choose to use a card.

...and no developer should need more then 50mb to bring PacMan or Paperboy anyway.

zonetrooper54303d ago

Its 150MB now the limit, they should of made it 200MB but it does not matter that much to me.

Funky Town_TX4303d ago

what is this going to cost? $70 maybe.

zonetrooper54303d ago

I have already got the HDD, i got the premium package not the tard pack without the wireless controller, no headset and no hard drive.

Rasputin20114303d ago

That is what I said when making my Xbox 360 purchase. Is there any point in not getting the premium bundle?

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