Microsoft realises it's in trouble

Microsoft's announcement last week that it plans to open its own chain of retail stores "to create a better PC and Microsoft retail purchase experience" might be viewed as just the company's next move in its continuing marketing competition with Apple, but it might also be understood as more than that. It could be a sign that the company has realised it's in trouble.

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GWAVE3562d ago

A Microsoft retail store could be pretty cool, especially if they offer you exclusive deals ("company" stores like Nintendo stores or Apple stores tend to do this a lot).

On the other hand, history shows that Microsoft's previous attempts at this sort of retail venture have all failed miserably (and that's not flaming. That's cold, hard historical fact. Look it up before you slam "disagree").

MAR-TYR-DOM3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"Microsoft realises it's in trouble"

Am i reading that right? How in da......

wow a negative MS article, haven't ever seen these, are they a growing population?

creeping judas3562d ago

Oh no negative MS articles have made a recent resurgence, and yes Gwawe is the 1st one in everyone for some odd reason??

MNicholas3562d ago

This will cost them a lot of money but having those stores out there is their one big chance to control the discussion.

You'll see PCs, 360's, Zune's, operating systems and all kinds of other outdated concepts "seamlessly" linked together.

More than anything else, this is a sign that Microsoft's hold on hardware companies is failing. Why? Because they're fighting different battles on too many fronts in a slipshod, uncoordinated manner. If they had a bit more foresight and planned better they would still have the future tied up. As of now, Microsoft is still far and away the dominant player, still the giant all-powerful empire, yet one who's future is far from certain.

Like an old lion who's used to ruling his pride with an iron fist, he's seeing younger and better challengers on the horizon letting out a great big roar to scare them off. The problem for the old lion, and the reason why this latest venture is misguided, is that while he's desperately trying to scare off all the challengers, like Apple and Linux, he has lost sight of his real problem, ie., he is loosing the loyalty of his pride, the hardware companies. They no longer believe (as they once did) that Microsoft has the vision to provide the software solutions they need.

TheDude2dot03562d ago

There should be stores that sell classic PC games. I can't seem to find Fallout or Fallout 2 anywhere.

prowiew3561d ago

Holy [email protected]#. I hate super long articles.

JaggedSac3561d ago

You guys realize this isn't the first time M$ has opened their own retail store. If opening a store means your in trouble, they have apparently been in trouble for years now.

MicroSony4Life3561d ago

LOL...GWAVE is on a crusade to destroy Microsoft, poor guy i wonder why he hates Microsoft so much.

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outlawlife3562d ago

opening a store means you are in trouble?

someone explain...please

microsoft is in very good shape compared to many other huge corporations these days

mint royale3562d ago

as the argument is very weak.

MS get bashed all the time needlessly.
The ps3 gets bashed alot needlessly too.

Its just the way things are. Its pathetic.

GWAVE3562d ago

Well, the article's argument is that Microsoft is losing its grip on "independent" retail outlets, so they need to open MS-themed stores to push their own product more effectively.

Not saying I agree with the author's assertion, but that's pretty much what he's saying. Personally, I think there are other signs that Microsoft could be in trouble. This isn't one of them, though.

JokesOnYou3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I actually agree with GWAVE...this article is broken, and yeah there's another sign micro could be in trouble, its called the "E-con-omy"....which could potentially hurt every other company out there too.


mint royale3562d ago

apple and sony have got their own dedicated stores. Does this mean they are in trouble? Hell no. Its called selling and advertising your company and products. The economy is the real trouble for industries and this will affect everyone the extent of which won't be known until things pick up again.

Vip3r3562d ago

If they are in very good shape then why did they make 5000 employees redundant last month?

mint royale3562d ago

Jesus christ its called a recession. MS and SOny have both released workers.

To show you the extent of the problem I will show the cutbacks that have been made in the car industry in Britain:

Aston Martin: Extended Christmas shutdown and 600 redundancies. Temporary three-day week began in January

Bentley: Worked a three-day week in October and longer Christmas break. Closing Crewe plant for seven weeks from the beginning of March

BMW:850 Jobs lost at Mini manufacturing plant

GM (Vauxhall): Extended Christmas closure and 40-day shutdown

Honda: Four-month shutdown between February and May

Jaguar Land Rover: Series of one-day shutdowns and production cuts late 2008 plus 450 redundancies planned

Nissan: Two-week shutdown late last year and 1,200 redundancies

Toyota: One of the night shifts suspended

This is all in the last year and reflects just one industry in one country. Everyone is feeling the pinch and if MS go then so will nintendo and sony.

Vip3r3560d ago

Aye very good but they are hardly in a good position.

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Foxgod3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

A lot of company's must be in trouble then, cause lots of company's have retail stores.
Lame article.

Extremely weak attempt at bashing MS.

Consoldtobots3562d ago

"after it released its first version of Windows in 1985. As Eric S. Raymond memorably put it, Microsoft's Windows operating system was: "A 32 bit extension and graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprossessor, written by a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition."

and this would be an attempt at bashing by the bruce lee of the english lexicon

Quisp3562d ago

Its RealiZes, with a z. Sheesh!

Fishy Fingers3562d ago

Only in America, correct English spells it with a "S".

mint royale3562d ago

Americans spell it with a 'z'. How nice of you to borrow our language then complain when we don't conform to your spellings.

kingme713562d ago

and they stick a 'u' in color and behavior for some odd reason :). We're too lazy over here to keep adding in extra letters.

Consoldtobots3562d ago

persounally I can't be arsed about what spelling the english youse

greatjimbo783562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Epic Fail, Oh and who's that in your Avatar picture lulz

@Kingme it's not us "sticking" an extra letter in the words you mentioned it's your people leaving them out.
You see English/British People speak and write English, what you speak/write is a bastardised version of OUR language!

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Kill Crow3562d ago

seriously no point at all ...

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