Analysis: Latest Call Of Duty Lags Predecessor On PS3/360, Makes Up On Wii

As part of Gamasutra's in-depth analysis of January's video game hardware and software sales, Gamasutra has been looking at Activision's flagship Call Of Duty first-person shooter series.

In particular, analyst Matt Matthews has been examining how less Xbox 360 owners are following the Call of Duty series while PS3 fans for the series are increasing, and why Activision will want to create more CoD ports for Wii after World at War.

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panasonic233560d ago

360 owners went back playing halo 3.

Sony Rep3560d ago

360 owners are buying PS3's...

P00R XB0T3560d ago

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rich droid

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Voiceofreason3560d ago

Why would Activision want to make another Call of Duty for Wii? According to some N4g posters it was a complete flop... Not sure who to believe on this one. The creator or some random troll on a message board.