A Review on Reviews: Killzone 2

Recently an explosion of comments came out out from EDGE's review of Killzone 2.

This isn't the first time a review has been assaulted for being "bias", or "attention grabbing", but it brings up an important issue - this article looks at how review scores are perceived and interpreted.

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MrJack3560d ago

Still doesn't explain the Overkill:HotD farce does it?

Unicron3560d ago

People let the media control their hobby with their arbitrary, random review scores. Are people that lazy as they cannot read a review, instead having to rely on numerical scoring to justify not only their purchase, but their opinion?

If anything, the reliance on Metacritic reflects more poorly on gamers than it does on reviwers.

CadDad3560d ago

As a long time gamer and having many many friends who are gamers I posted a question to them recently asking if they let review scores influence their purchases.

Most of them don't. In fact I don't think it's ever been an issue with me. I go by word of mouth from my friends over anything else. I'll read reviews, but I can pretty much tell what games I'll like without needing a review score.

I've bought games with good reviews I hated and I've bought games with poor review scores that I loved and vice versa for both.

Posting here and being bombarded with review after review makes for a jaded opinion sometimes, but we should all realize that this population on this site does not in any way represent the consumer base as a whole. In fact it's a bad example of real world numbers, the posters that come here I mean. Nothing wrong with it, it's just the way it is.


godkiller3560d ago

BAA BAA to many sheep about.i got demons souls i got wks ,i give em 9 outa 10 each.
omg ima not a sheep.

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