Sony to woo game developers at trade show

Sony Corp. will be looking to convince more video game developers to make new titles for its latest console, the PlayStation3, when game makers gather in San Francisco this week for an important trade show.
The success of Nintendo's rival Wii system has cost the PlayStation valuable momentum among those who design and publish game software and Sony, the world's largest maker of game hardware, will be trying to get some of it back at the annual Game Developers Conference.

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darx4299d ago

Why do the developers need convincing?...Odd!

Boink4299d ago

developers are not to impressed with sony right now. Then add the small install base to try and make a profit with, and you can see why devs aren't lining up to go to the ps3, or at least offering exclusives to them, hence why most next gen games are being made for the 360, and then ported to the ps3. This is at least guaranteees a profit.

kornbeaner4299d ago

it needs more Exclusive killer or sleeper Apps and right now with the System just starting to get the wheels rolling they'd be stupid not to try to get some more.

THAMMER14299d ago

Sony is in OT. The Dev. will make or break your console.

parasite4299d ago

I am impresses with what sony is doing now. They are doing it at a snails pace, but atleast they are doing it. The sleeping giant is startng to wake.

parasite4299d ago

god I cant spell today. Sorry have to type fast at work so I dont get caught.

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The story is too old to be commented.