FINALLY: Warhawk Confirmed As Download-Only For PS3 by Incognito

Following months of Internet speculation, developer Incognito Entertainment has confirmed that PlayStation 3 title Warhawk will be sold only as a downloadable title via the PlayStation Network.

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specialguest4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I know there are Warhawk fans of the original on the PSX game who've waited a very long time for a sequel. Now they're just getting a multiplayer melee version. It may still be fun, but it's not a complete game. Incognito has let their fans down and they now have a lot of make up for.

specialguest4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Ok, can someone explain to me how I lost a bubble today? I have not made any offensive comments today or any recent days at all.

GaMr-4275d ago

Did you say anything Pro-Sony. Cause that appearently can cause you to lose bubbles on this site. lmfao...ahahahaha I was down to 3 at one point. Just for not siding with the Sony bashers. Your best bet. Hate Sony Hate it with all your heart. Then you will have 6+ bubbles like most of the XBox360 fanboys on here. They are like a cult. They stick together back each other up. Its almost flawless.

; )

smeg0rz4275d ago

seriously, this is a brave move, obviously they think it works well as a dgofighter game, good on them, and well done!

GaMr-4275d ago

I was watching that site though. I didnt get any updates. Ohh well !

But I was never thrilled about this game. I cant really miss something I never knew. I seen one trailer for this game and its the one from PSN thats about it. It was more of a concept than it ever really was a game.

kornbeaner4275d ago

Incognito, they sensed that the Single baller was gonna suck and they don't force the consumer to shell out $60 for a half-assed, half-broken game. DAMN Incognito might just be for the PS3 what Bungie is for the 360. and thats a good thing.

UrbanJabroni4274d ago

"DAMN Incognito might just be for the PS3 what Bungie is for the 360"

You are saying that they aren't trying to force a half-ass game at $60...which is great I guess, although I'd rather them make a full ass game. I just don't get your analogy, though. Bungie is sort of the almighty messiah of 360 owners, and regardless of how good Halo 3 is, it will sell a trillion copies at full price...where is the corretlation?

kornbeaner4274d ago

basically what i meant was. Whenever Bungie gets ready to release a game Xbox fans are gonna line up cause they know what they are gonna a get. A great game that they will play for a long time and not feel ripped off afterwards. If Incognito can keep doing what they do, PS3 fans will Flock at whatever game they make cause they know it's gonna be top-notch and worth whatever price they ask. Incognito can be the type of developer that both sony and its fans need and want. The way that bungie is for the Xbox brand.

lil bush4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

well its basicly an online only game so it should be really good but how much is it gonna cost

DiLeCtioN4275d ago

my ps3 is gonna be delivered on the 23 can some1 tell me how the playstation network works. isit the same as wii and 360(typing a special code to get access to downloads)

MikeGdaGod4275d ago

all you have to do is click on the Playstation Store icon, find what you want, click on it, wait for it to download, enjoy

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