Dante's Inferno Protagonist Is A "Muscular Six Foot Knight" Armed With Death's Scythe, Runs At 60FPS, More Details "Dante Aligheri, the Florentine poet of whom the game is based upon, has been turned into a "muscular six foot knight with magic powers" to suit the tone of the game. Dante is fighting his way through Hell to save his lost love Beatrice, who has been murdered and wrongly sent to the underworld."

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ShinFuYux3589d ago

I can seee it now; this game will stur up some big controversy with the Christian church and massively-overly protective parents.

Anyway, in concept, this game sounds very interesting. Let's see how it'll end up.

get2sammyb3589d ago

Totally. There's no way this isn't going to be released without the Church having some massive agenda to get it banned. In fact this may cause more controversy than GTA, what with the subject matter AND the obviously brutal nature of the game.

grantps33588d ago

it sounds like a GOW wannabee, but we will have to wait and see