China Blocks StarCraft: Ghost Registration reports that the Chinese State Administration of Industry & Commerce (SAIC) has rejected an application by Blizzard Entertainment to register StarCraft: Ghost as an e-sports brand, claiming the registration's meaning of of "astrology" and "Ghost" stands in contrast to "socialist morality" and would promote "feudal superstition".

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GVON3592d ago

This is still in development,I thought it got cancelled around 4 years ago

Perjoss3592d ago

Blizz have never released a console game have they? if they finally do it will be a very big deal as they are all about polish and sheer quality, holding onto their games far longer than other companies would even dream, making sure they are finished before releasing.

moe843592d ago

Yes, Blizzard has put out a few console games back in 1992, and 1994. They were known as Silicon then, releasing Lost Vikings, and Lost Vikings 2

IdleLeeSiuLung3592d ago

ohhh, I was so anticipating this game when it was scheduled for release on consoles. Then it got delayed and finally canned to my dismay. Is it coming back?

Leord3592d ago

If you read the article, it does say the game was put on indefinite hold, but not cancelled.

StarCraft: Ghost was said to have zero people working on it as late as last BlizzCon, but still not cancelled, only "on ice".

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Synteny3592d ago

That has to be one of the lamest excuses I have ever seen...

Leord3592d ago

God I'm glad I'm not in China. However, it has potential for full awesomeness...

Dorjan3592d ago

I agree, lost in translation eh?

Leord3592d ago

@ Dorjan

I wish. I got this info from a Chinese player himself! Another news item in the past was just bad translation, this is REAL o.O'

kalos3592d ago

They're making moves to register it, after it was sidelined four years ago? Clearly, something is happening with that game after all...

King Klear3592d ago

Yea, it certainly sounds promising. I always wanted to see Ghost mainly because I wanted to see the world up close. At least we will be able to in SC2.

Leord3592d ago

I think I saw registrations in the US Patent and Registrations registers a year or so back for SC: Ghost products with Blizzard. Renewals only, but still...

Dorjan3592d ago

I can't believe they would block it and the bigger point:

I can't believe that Blizzard have continued working on this!!! Sneaky buggers!

Leord3592d ago

It was put on "indefinite hold", it was never canned.

This is significant because Blizz have canned productions in the past, if they wanted to can it, they would have...

syrinx3592d ago

Erm this has been canned has it now.

Dorjan3592d ago

This is a sign that it's not!!

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