Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars arriving Thursday 19th February

Matt Webster aka ThePosterBoy has just posted over on Twitter that The Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack will be released on this Thursday 19th February on both PSN and XBL.

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-EvoAnubis-3562d ago

DeLorean, here I come!!

Are new trophies apart of the package? Hope so; I platumized Burnout yesterday.

Jinxstar3562d ago

I had my platinum cars prior to them having trophy support... I really don't feel like doing it all again... one of the best games I have played this gen though =D

-EvoAnubis-3562d ago

I was almost there when the trophy patch came out, but I was like "**** it, this game was fun; I'll do it all again."

Jinxstar3562d ago

I may one day... Too many games right now and more on the way.... Also going to Paramedic school isn't making gaming much easier for me... Burnout is truly a fantastic game though. =D game on bro.

himdeel3562d ago

...I am getting this game. They've added so much additional content to this game since release and it's not terribly expensive. I played the demo on the Hong Kong PSN and absolutely loved it.

StephanieBBB3562d ago

It's Legend, wait for it....

Gish3562d ago

It is one of the best games out there for the long haul. This was one of the first multiplat's that was a better buy for the PS3. If I had people to play, I would have bought the party pack for the shear reason of supporting criterion.

Now being a dual console owner, I now see the value of those "comparison" vids. Unfortunately they are also flame bait.

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