More info about Killzone 2 DLC

Earlier PS3Focus was reporting that Guerrilla Games would release soon after the release of Killzone 2 some DLC for the game. And today there are some more details of the DLC that has been planned for Killzone 2.

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voice_of_ reason3564d ago

If true, I'll be disappointed. I really hate the idea of dlc coming out soon after a game's release. Why not just put it in the game initially.. or wait a while and make it worth the money. Oh well, I guess that's just the direction the gaming industry is going in general...

DavidMacDougall3564d ago

Yep but im not going with it, i refuse to buy DLC this close after release it should be on the disc at no extra charge.

TOO PAWNED3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Yeah i guess it is okey is MS does it with Fable 2, but it is NO NO for Sony. Shame on them, how dare they to do this!/sarc

TOO PAWNED3564d ago

BTW, this is in section RUMOR-RUMOR-RUMOR

Bathyj3564d ago

I cant believe you guys would prefer the game was delayed in order to get the DLC on it which probably isn't finished yet? KZ went gold a month ago. And theres free and paid for DLC. I wont suffer a delay for some extra maps or a game mode.

Sitdown3564d ago

Perhaps I missed your sarcasm...but what are you talking about? People complained when Fable II did it, just like people are complaining about capcom doing it.

Tarasque3564d ago

Maybe the control issues will be fixed in the DLC......

Ghoul3564d ago

guys you do know that implementing new maps etc. into the release candidate is a problem...

Therefore some developers are allready working on dlc when the game is in the final stages (last 4 months).
Or do you think they just pay all the modellers and level artists for nothing ?

DelbertGrady3564d ago

Maybe it didn't fit on the Blu-Ray disc? ;)

I'd say it depends what type of DLC it is. If it's just maps and stuff like that it kinda sucks. And that goes for all games, looking at you Gears 2...

Sevir043564d ago

i like the thought of DLC if it's priced economically. Yes i agree that things should be included on the disc, but nothing ever works out the way it does, The very scope of the game is huge and there is alot going on so if it's just a new maps and weapons or some new game mode, i'm all for it, You wont complain if it's free so lets just wait to see. games like this have the frame work and the DNA for a DLC platform. it's a thing of the shooter genre so take it as it is or dont get it. You'll have the release version while others will have the definitive version of the game.

SuperM3564d ago

Sony always gives developers time so they can make the games good. KZ2 has been in development for a long time. Should they delay it further so they can get more content into the game? You guys are definately asking for to much.

nycredude3564d ago

No one is forcing you to buy anything. Besides there will also be free dlc. They are trying to please the ones who like dlc and for the ones who don't, well, there is this thing call freedom of choice. If you don't like it don't buy it!

I for one would have paid $100 for this game so bring on the dlc. Also, and I know this is a big if, if they somehow manage to patch coop into this game then they can do no wrong!!!

lociefer3564d ago

oh god , this'll be mgo allover again , guerilla plz dont be like that :( , i just wanna join a game easily , not just get * u cant play coz u didnt buy that expansion pack* crap, once u buy a 60$ game u should NOT pay extra for shlt , this is all m$hit's doing

dantesparda3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

lociefer and i also think this is MS' fault! they started this practice on the consoles

GameGambits3564d ago

I really do expect some great DLC coming from Guerrilla for K2. Things they can easily add:

1) A third badge ability for each class
2) New weapons
3) New maps
4) Vehicles on new maps(I'm not for this. It ruins the shooter part of first person shooters, but meh I'd just avoid these maps)
5)New game types
6)New classes
7)Higher ranks to ascend to with various rewards

That's 7 things I could think of in DLC that are all just as likely as the rest to appear in K2. :)

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samich20073564d ago

@David & Voice: If you go to the source it is telling you that there will be Free and Paid DLC. So I think nobody is refusing FREE DLC :P

DavidMacDougall3564d ago

I've had 3 HDD brake on me last year and i lost a whole bunch of stuff, including all the saves on my PS3 so i don't trust them anymore. So i don't buy games off the store nor do i buy DLC because im paranoid im going to lose it all. But even if its free i'd like it so much more if it was just on the disc. I really want Wipeout HD but because there is no Blu-Ray version ill never get it

heyheyhey3564d ago

mate if you had 3 HHD's break then your obviously doing something wrong

anyway, try buying your own HDD

thor3564d ago

You can re-download all the stuff you own though. Seriously, get Wipeout HD, it's well worth it. If your HDD breaks again, get a new one, and re-download the game. Might be a bit of a pain but just make sure the HDDs you're buying are not cheap shoddy ones that are likely to break ;)

You can always back up your save data as well onto a portable hard drive or memory stick.

DavidMacDougall3564d ago

Well the HDD in the ps3 was the stardard one, i had a £200 external HDD brake and the one in my 2 year old computer corrupted. But that whole you get so many downloads for your money, that just reminds me of that 3 installs only crap you get with PC games but there ain't no way out of it. I did really want the DLC for LBP but then when i was playing LBP Online it crashed at the end of a level and deleted everything i had so i gave up

PirateThom3564d ago

You don't get "so many downloads", you can download as many times as you want on the 5 activated PS3s, I believe.

LeonSKennedy4Life3564d ago

...that's correct.

I've downloaded PAIN over 10 times now.

I have three friends that have downloaded many of my games multiple times also.

voice_of_ reason3564d ago

I did read that, and any free dlc is appreciated. However, to me it all depends on what the paid and free dlc is... i have no quarrel paying for new maps if they're good. But I feel nickle and dimed if they charge for weapons or costumes. Again, this is just my humble opinion.

SAiOSiN3564d ago

at david
u do realize that u can re-download the stuff u bought from the psn store?

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mll093564d ago

samich2007 you google translated articles are starting to get annoying.

za3redrum3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Just another hype from PS3HYPE. I can say also that an 'anonymous' source told me that the PS3 is getting Killzone 3. This is just bullshit, made up, hyping their own site, so don't believe too much of it. They also said that an 'anonymous' source from Sony told them that de demo had a multiplayer, also nonsense.

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