Metacritic Interview on Killzone 2

TheSixthAxis talks to Metacritic's Marc Doyle, and discusses scores, fanboys and the extra scrutiny placed on the metascores of titles like Killzone 2 and Halo Wars.

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SAiOSiN3562d ago

i hate when people bring sales into a conversation. this wasn't really focused around killzone 2, more about metacritic in general and how they rate their games and their own predictions.

GameGambits3562d ago

Why in the crap would you interview this guy? I got down 10 questions and this guy doesn't do squat. I would have just thrown this interview out, because it isn't even worth reading in any sense.

The guy has like no valid information or even a solid opinion on anything to the recent Metacritic phenomenom in games.

Arsenal4Ever3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

WTF is this link?

EDIT : Ok now its working

Pennywise3562d ago

TSA: Which of your personal favourite games has ended up with a disastrous Metacritic score?

MD: I don’t own any current or last gen consoles. I was a pretty avid gamer during the Genesis [Megadrive] days, especially when I had a year off between college and grad school, but since then, I haven’t had the time to devote a huge slice of time to gaming. Too busy generating Metascores!

So he isnt even a gamer.

Fishy Fingers3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I don't see how that makes any difference, the site is purely there to total up reviews and provide an average/mean. Gamer or not, doesnt effect how the site operates.

I guess as far as a game site interviwing him goes that's pretty much a waste of time though.

Pennywise3562d ago

He has no opinion on anything because he isnt a gamer. This guy is all about hits, not games.

DelbertGrady3562d ago

Did anyone say hiphopgamer?

gametheory3562d ago

If he was a gamer he'd know some websites or mags are worthless and shouldn't count towards the metascores. Edge, Variety and Eurogamer are a few examples.

joydestroy3562d ago

i thought that was def one of the strangest things ever. runs a site that brings ratings together of games, but doesn't even play games. wtf lol

Sarcasm3562d ago

Glass is half full guys.

It's a good thing he doesn't play games. Cause it at least shows he won't have any bias towards any particular console, Wii, 360, or PS3.

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Bathyj3562d ago

I KNOW ! Thats what freaked me out. I stopped reading there, and checked if there were any questions that actually asked something relevant or provocative. He was more interested in good he was at guessing scores.

And hes not even a gamer.

Never trust a bald barber. He has no respect for your hair.

Arsenal4Ever3562d ago

SOOO TRUE. Seriously thats so true.

Austin_SJ3562d ago

Marc doyle is alright, he has to let the bigger magazines and websites count for the sake of fairness.

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The story is too old to be commented.