The Greatest Achievement

As Christos Reid gears up to go achievement hunting in anticipation of cashing in several Xbox titles for the latest releases, he begins to wonder what it is about achievements in videogames that leave him unable to get rid of them, even though there's no new content left to experience.

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fafoon3586d ago

There should be More Single player Achievements/Trophys in Games
It Should be like 75% of the Achievements/Trophys should be Single player and 25% Multiplayer

forthegamergood3582d ago

In all honesty, I think there should only be multiplayer online achievements for titles you can't do anything but play online. Xbox Live is a fantastic service but sometimes I wonder how much people who play offline really enjoy getting achievements.

ahnonamis3582d ago

I've been torn between liking games with the oddball achievements, and ones where achievements are gotten by just straight up playing through the game, no trickery or extra effort required. As I start working more and stuff, though, I think I prefer the ones where playing the game and beating it will unlock most of the achievements.

Ones like "Kill 1000 X online!" or "Win X multiplayer matches!" are all fun and good, but I'm never going to get those :(