Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game US Release Date

Grey's Anatomy, a video game based on the acclaimed television drama series "Grey's Anatomy", will be available in the US on March 17th, Ubisoft announced. Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game is being developed for PC, Wii, and DS.

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Mucudadada3589d ago

Now I just need that Gilmore Girls RPG and I'm set for this gen.

reckoner3589d ago

I don't know, man. that One Tree Hill MMO is looking pretty awesome.

pwnsause3589d ago

nah man, we need the 24 FPS game.

Mucudadada3589d ago

@reckoner- I'm trying to restrain myself from that one and wait for the Dawson's Creek RTS.

@pwnsauce- Well there is a 3rd Person 24 game that came out a few years ago, lol.

mindedone3589d ago

My girlfriend must never know of this, EVER.

3589d ago
OSIRUSSS3589d ago

And they say the Wii isn't hardcore!!!!

Chubear3589d ago

Well, it could be like Second Opinion and that was a great game :/